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The Wife of a Legendary Baseball Player Shares a Note from an Accused Victim of Deshaun Watson

It has already been publicised that Jim Thome’s wife, Andrea, has cancelled the entire family’s season tickets for the Cleveland Browns because of their recent acquisition quarterback Deshaun Watson. As of Monday, she had even more to say about it.

It appears that Deshaun Watson’s claimed victim, Thome, wrote the note that was uploaded on social media by Thome.

The Wife of a Legendary Baseball Player Shares a Note from an Accused Victim of Deshaun Watson

According to the note, “I am one of the women who was assaulted by Deshaun Watson“. Your tweet about giving up your season tickets caught my eye, and I admire your courage in making this decision. That you’re virtue-signaling or that it doesn’t matter is incorrect. I care about it. As long as I see a tweet or comment that condemns sexual assault against women, I have another reason to keep going. “I’ve been at my lowest point in the last few weeks, and I just wanted to say thank you.”

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Thome not only tweeted this letter, but she also added a few of her own thoughts to the conversation.

The Wife of a Legendary Baseball Player

When Thome tweeted, “I wouldn’t want the last 48 hours on anyone, but this letter is why it was worth it,” he meant it. There’s no reversing my decision now, no matter what threats, slander, or character assassination are made. “It’s not my business what other people think of me.”

During this time, Watson has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing of any kind.

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According to Watson’s statement from last Friday, “I recognize these allegations are extremely serious, but I’ve never assaulted any woman.” “I’ve never regarded any woman as less than human.”

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