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After Retiring, Rob Gronkowski Has A Message For Bruce Arians

On Friday morning, Rob Gronkowski took to Twitter, but not to give an update on his football future.

Gronk’s future in the NFL is being eagerly anticipated by the whole NFL community. Meanwhile, the all-time great has been having a lot of fun tormenting fans recently.

Rob Gronkowski, on the other hand, kept things serious on Friday morning. Following his retirement earlier this week, he sent Bruce Arians a poignant message.

Gronkowski will undoubtedly miss him.

“Thanks for the last two amazing years, Coach,” he tweeted. “Hopefully they’ll let you keep wheeling around in your cart, always keeping it genuine.”

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What a lovely gesture. Will you please tell us what your plans are, Rob? We’re not sure how much longer we can wait.

Gronkowski is likely to return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to continue playing alongside Tom Brady. That’s exactly how CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora sees things unfolding.

“I believe that is the situation,” La Canfora told CBS Sports HQ. “I don’t see him playing anywhere else, but Tampa if he plays (and he’s said that he expects to play).” This isn’t someone who should be present on the first day of lifting.

After Retiring, Rob Gronkowski Has A Message For Bruce Arians

“This isn’t someone who needs to earn Tom Brady’s favour and gain access to the inner sanctuary of the circle of trust during OTAs. He’s already settled in. The band is virtually back together again.

“I feel Rob Gronkowski will return as well, at his own speed.” They may need another tight end to bolster their offence even more. He’s the ideal match. That, I believe, will happen at some point.”

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We’d like to see Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady play for at least another year. Brady did his share and came out of retirement. Gronk now has the ball in his hands.

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