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Cristiano Ronaldo and TikTok celebrity chef Czn Burak will launch a restaurant together

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ozdemir Burak are apparently building a new Turkish restaurant in London.

One of Burak’s most popular videos is one in which he smiles while cooking enormous amounts of food. He has more than 57.1 million followers on Instagram.

In 2020, the football great and the Turkish chef were pictured together. As a football lover, Burak has been pictured with the likes of Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi, two of the world’s greatest players.

Cristiano Ronaldo and TikTok celebrity chef Czn Burak

It was first reported by the Turkish newspaper The Daily Sabah that restaurateur Burak, 27, and Ronaldo were planning to open a new restaurant in November.

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“We will open a venue in London in conjunction with Cristiano Ronaldo,” he declared this week at a digital entrepreneurship event hosted by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. To avoid spoiling the surprise, we aren’t going to share too much about this.

The Hatay Civilizations Table restaurant company, which includes the CZN Burak brand as well as locations in Istanbul, Turkey, Dubai, and Tajikistan, is owned by Burak.

TikTok celebrity chef Czn Burak will launch a restaurant together

Burak Burger, his new Dubai burger joint, is also owned by him.

Ronaldo has already built a Japanese-Mediterranean restaurant imported from Ibiza in 2018, so this isn’t his first excursion into the restaurant business.

Zela, a restaurant in Covent Garden that opened less than two years ago, shuttered its doors.

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It has been reported by Eater that the location of Burak’s London restaurant may be located near Baker Street, which is now occupied by another Turkish restaurant, Ishtar.

Czn Burak happiest restaurant

He follows the lead set by his fellow Turkish celebrity chef and Salt Bae, Nusret Gokce, who opened his London steakhouse in September of last year.

As a result of a viral meme depicting him sprinkling salt on a steak, Gokce became a household name. However, his excessive charges, like £630 for a gold-encrusted tomahawk steak, have drawn criticism.

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