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NFL Quarterback Tom Brady Conspiracy Theories Are Getting More Popular Tonight

After the devastating revelation about Bruce Arians, conspiracy theories surrounding Tom Brady are on the rise.

Arians, who guided the Bucs to a Super Bowl appearance in 2020, has opted to step down as head coach and take a position in the team’s front office.

Tom Brady Conspiracy Theories Are Getting More Popular Tonight

It’s no surprise that Brady made the decision to return to the field earlier this year. A lot of people think that Brady returning and Arians stepping down have anything to do with each other.

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Arians, for his part, denies this, but it’s not outlandish.

NFL Quarterback Tom Brady

“Not at all. Tom was a big supporter of what I’m trying to do. Because I yelled at every player I coached, including him, I had a lot of problems with them. The off-the-field friendship between Arians and Peter King is excellent, he said on Wednesday night.

However, that is not universally accepted.

While some feel that Brady has a hand in the selection of the team’s new head coach, many others believe that this decision could open the door for Brady to play elsewhere.

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Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the Brady-Arians ruling shortly.

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