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Extra Cash Bonus Millions of Taxpayers in This State Will Receive a One-time Stimulus Check of $500, $375, or $250 in Tax Refunds

A NEW LAW has been passed into law that will reward Georgia residents with a tax refund.

Governor Brian Kemp signed House Bill 1302, assuring that residents will get a one-time return from the Georgia Department of Revenue after submitting their taxes. You can expect $500 if you’re married or filed jointly with your spouse. Single filers or those who filed separately will earn $250, while heads of families would receive $375.

Kemp discussed the new legislation at a press conference in Savannah last week. The one-time tax benefit, he continued, is state money returned to residents.

The funds do not come from the American Rescue Plan Act, which was signed into law by Vice President Joe Biden.

Instead, Kemp said that the state’s over-a-billion-dollar surplus was due to decisions made during the pandemic, a robust economy, and prudent budgeting by legislators.

“It’s a one-time payment.” When we have more than we need, I believe it is preferable to send it back to the people who sent it to us, the taxpayers,” Kemp added.

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“We’re doing that with over a billion dollars in reimbursements that will be in Georgians’ bank accounts in a matter of weeks,” he said. It’s also what allows us to take a two-month break from collecting gas tax at the pump.”

The extra funds are available to “eligible taxpayers,” who are those who submitted an individual income tax return in both 2020 and 2021, according to the measure.

Non-residents, estates or trusts, and dependents are not included.

Kemp praised lawmakers for agreeing to “this fantastic relief that we’re fixing to get hard-working Georgians returning over a billion dollars of their hard-earned money that, quite frankly, we didn’t need this year” as he signed the bill.

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People who have already filed their taxes for the year 2021, which are due on April 18, will receive separate payments.

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