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Fans Are Unhappy With the Start Time of the National Title Game

Tomorrow night, Kansas will face North Carolina in the final game of one of the greatest NCAA Tournaments in history. However, the national title game’s kickoff schedule has a lot of folks furious today.

TBS stated Wednesday that the national championship game will be broadcast at 9:20 p.m. EST. While this may not be a big deal for supporters in the central, mountain, or western time zones, it’s a big deal for east coast fans.

Starting at 9:20 p.m. is far too inconvenient for many folks. Some others are claiming that they already know they won’t be able to see the game at that time.

Since last night, there have been complaints. Due to the late start time, “9:20 tip” is almost trending on Twitter:

For the Jayhawks, Tar Heels, and everyone else in attendance, it will be 8:20 p.m. local time. However, for those watching at home, that still means a very late end.

You have to wonder what was going through TBS’s heads when they decided to hold the event so late. It might be appropriate on a Friday or Saturday, but it’s nearly unheard of just before a weekday day.

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