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Fans of Alabama Football Will Have to Get Used to a New System | Latest News!

Alabama football supporters anticipate the Crimson Tide to have a quarterback competition in spring, fall, or both.

It isn’t always for the QB1 position, but the competition for QB2 is no less fierce.

It’s also not less crucial because QB2 is always one play away from leading the Crimson Tide to another National Championship.

Last fall, with Bryce Young, established as the Crimson Tide’s starter, Paul Tyson and Jalen Milroe battled it out for the QB2 spot.

Young, for the most part, remained healthy throughout the season. Jalen Milroe won out, if partly by default, and Paul Tyson transferred to Arizona State.

Tyson’s connection to Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant was adored by many Alabama football fans. Jalen Milroe’s athleticism was maybe more admired by Alabama fans.

Despite the fact that a footrace never resolved the debate, those inside and outside the programme believed Milroe was the team’s quickest player.


Milroy’s running abilities, according to some supporters, should have been used in a specific attacking package.

It was never necessary to use a special package. Milroy prepared to run the same offence as Bryce Young during the fall, according to Tide Offensive Coordinator Bill O’Brien.

Early-enrollee freshman Ty Simpson, according to some Crimson Tide supporters, has a shot to surpass Milroe and become QB2 in spring.

Simpson has the potential to be a great Crimson Tide quarterback, but he won’t be able to outrun Jalen Milroe this spring.

It’s almost impossible for Simpson to catch Milroe at fall camp. That isn’t meant to be a dig at Simpson. It’s a statement about Jalen Milroe’s growing potential.

Getting Milroe enough game experience to operate the conventional Tide offence is more vital than a separate package. As a passer, he is more than capable.

His running prowess is unrivalled. Jalen Milroe may not have Bryce Young’s long ball touch or the field vision to check off to second and third receivers, but he is more of a dual-threat. Milroy would be the finest QB running threat in the SEC as QB1.

Set of QB depth charts for Alabama football in 2022
All of this explains why Alabama football will not have a compelling quarterback competition this season. QB1 is Bryce, QB2 is Jalen, and QB3 is Ty Simpson.

Fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide will have to wait until next spring for some quarterback drama. Simpson will be ready to fight Milroe after Bryce goes for the NFL, and another young gun will arrive to make it a three-way fight.


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