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Look: the Video of Lakers Fans Leaving the Game Has Gone Viral

The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t mathematically out of the playoffs, but it appears that they are based on their fans’ reaction to their recent loss.

Today, the Lakers were defeated by the Denver Nuggets, 129-118. Fans at Staples Center, on the other hand, didn’t have to wait until the last buzzer sounded to begin making their way out.

Hundreds of supporters can be seen leaving their seats and making their way out in a video that is swiftly going viral. The only individuals left in the video are Nuggets and Lakers supporters who don’t seem to mind the traffic.

It’s understandable why supporters are adamant about not staying to the end. The Lakers’ record now stands at 31-47 for the season.

With only four games remaining, the Lakers will be two games out of the final play-in berth if the San Antonio Spurs defeat the Portland Trail Blazers tonight (San Antonio is favored by 15.5).

 Unfortunately, the other 29 NBA teams are unlikely to sympathize with the Los Angeles Lakers fans. Other fans are slamming their franchise in the comments section of this video and others like it:

“You’re not allowed to do this.” One Boston fan remarked, “You had folks leaving and running to get back into a Finals game.”

“What will Stephen A’s hot takes be sans LeBron throughout the playoffs?” Another remarked, “He might have to talk about small-market teams.”

“I’m surprised they didn’t depart earlier…” wrote a third.

The Lakers have had a difficult season. If they don’t turn things around quickly, the offseason could be considerably more difficult…


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