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The Boston Celtics Could Sign Two Frontcourt Players for the Playoffs!

Despite the challenges they’ve faced over the last several weeks, the Boston Celtics have managed to stay on the fast track up the Eastern Conference standings in the last weeks of the 2021-22 regular season, with the sad injury to Robert Williams III being their most recent tragedy.

The shamrocks have been on a tear since the calendar page flipped to January, going 32-11 in that time.

Though they appeared sluggish in the days following Time Lord’s knee injury, they’ve recently won two straight games in a row, the most recent victory being a 144-102 thrashing of the Washington Wizards.

Now, despite the fact that the team has been playing a great overall brand of basketball during their incredible second-half stretch and appears to be on track to finish the year with at least a top-5 seed in the conference standings, the front office should be interested in bringing on some extra talent to help fill out the remainder of their roster, given that they’re now down a key member of their core foundation heading into the playoffs.

With Williams out, many believe that if Brad Stevens is interested in recruiting free agents, he should target players who can help improve his frontcourt rotation.

We at HH completely agree with this approach and believe that, with only one open roster place, the Boston Celtics should seriously consider chasing two specific frontcourt players.


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