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Six new clubs will make the playoffs in 2022, according to NFL insiders

Jason La Canfora predicts six clubs will make the playoffs in 2022.

We all know the story of six new NFL playoff clubs every year. Parity in its purest form. The league office is a dream come true.

This trend is likely to continue in 2022. Trying to figure out which teams will make those moves isn’t simply following this offseason’s crazy start.

The big wave of NFL free agency is passed, and the big deals are done (Baker Mayfield and Jimmy G won’t change the power balance).

Of course, the draught will have a direct impact on rosters this summer, but it’s never too early to see which teams that missed the playoffs last year might make it this winter.

There is a case for many, which raises the question of which teams will be left out this year. But that’s another day. In the absence of the extended playoff field in 2021, we will focus on the many clubs that have stepped up to the plate.

The dynamic between the two conferences will also play a role in this exercise, as the NFC has considerably fewer power teams with top quarterbacks than the AFC.


So, With That in Mind, Here Are a Few Teams I Would Bet Extra Money on to Make the Playoffs:


They shouldn’t have been this close to the playoffs last year. The defense is still legit, and I don’t view Marcus Williams’ loss as a hindrance.

The Taysom Hill experiment is ended, and they get to feast on the spiraling Panthers and Falcons twice. Home-field advantage!! A+ team. Dennis Allen is well-positioned to succeed.


I’m buying Kevin O’Connell’s stuff. Huge. Right present, this is the conference’s fourth-best squad. The offense is balanced. O-line progressors Plenty of skilled players.

With a pair of blitzes, Mike Zimmer has finally left the team. They can eat the division’s Bears and Lions (sound familiar?).

Will they compete for a Super Bowl? No? CAN THEY CAPTURE THE P Doubtful. The Cardinals may have plateaued, but is Trey Lance ready for San Francisco? See where I’m going?


Matt Ryan isn’t an MVP candidate, and his best ball is gone. Also, mobility difficulties… But this club should have been in the playoffs a year ago, and they get to face the Jags and Texans twice.

Enough pieces for defense In an era of the weak line performance, the offensive line is among the finest in football.

And the Titans may have exhausted their options with Ryan Tannehill. Colts play hard. I see Indy winning the AFC South this year.


The Broncos’ acquisition of Russell Wilson is the most significant off-season move.

Yes, the AFC is heavy, but so was the NFC West, and Russ was good for a postseason berth regardless of his surrounding cast. I like it.

I enjoy running. I enjoy offensive weapons. Keep developing from the inside out by drafting a good offensive tackle. Mile High has been tougher to win again.


With a quarterback like Justin Herbert, you should be thinking playoffs.

But I think Brandon Staley will improve in his second season as head coach, and GM Tom Telesco did an excellent job this offseason.

A division title is possible if Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa stay healthy.

I’d want to see them strengthen the offensive line even more in the draught. But their fortunes will change.

The Bengals of this year? What a shocker!


This is the AFC East’s second-best squad, so they get the nod here. Even when New England was great and Miami was mediocre, they were a nuisance.

On offense, this will be a ball-controlling machine that can score quickly when needed.

They ended a year ago in a frenzy. I would have put the Browns here if Deshaun Watson hadn’t been suspended, but I’m going with the Fish.


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