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Jalen Ramsey’s List of the Top 5 NFL Wide Receivers Is Incomplete. Allen Robinson Is a Well-known Author

The expression “know thy enemy” is virtually generally understood and accepted. But when that context includes a LA Rams story on Jalen Ramsey’s perspective on the NFL and wide receiver rankings, it takes on a whole new significance. Because, in the limited universe of NFL receivers and defensive backs, Jalen Ramsey has faced up against some of the best.

So it’s well worth the price of admission to hear him talk about his top wide receivers for 2021. Is it a mistake or an omission? No, this isn’t a blunder. Because of this, his five-receiver list grew to six. They are as follows:

1A – Davante Adams

1B – Tyreek Hill1C – Deebo Samuel

4 – Odell Beckham Jr.

5A – Cooper Kupp

5B – Stefon Diggs


Jalen Ramsey is regarded as one of the top defensive backs in the NFL. After all, he has to face the best of the greatest every week and gets judged on the plays he doesn’t make. And one of his strong suits is his dedication to his craft. Whether or not his opponent grabs his face mask and throws him to the ground before collecting a 75-yard touchdown pass, the only thing that matters is that Jalen Ramsey handed up a touchdown.

The uncalled facemask and offensive pass interference garner little attention.

As a result, it’s interesting to see who Jalen Ramsey lists as his top NFL wide receivers. It’s less about who he names and more about who he doesn’t. He didn’t mention former Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods, later dealt with by the Tennessee Titans. He also didn’t say upcoming LA Rams wide receiver, Allen Robinson.

Jalen Ramsey, who is he? He’s one of the game’s smartest defensive backs, and this video provides you a look at the guy behind the football. He knows football, not only on the field but also on the whiteboard, in terms of strategy and the business of playing good football.

Is it necessary to be concerned?

Allen Robinson will have plenty of opportunities to gain the respect of his teammates. After all, it’s challenging to squeeze all of the NFL’s best opponents into a five-slotted egg carton. Ramsey, in fact, cheated a little by making a tie with a 5A and 5B slot.

What I enjoy best about having Jalen Ramsey in the Los Angeles Rams secondary is that you never have to question if you’re getting his best. He gives it his all on every play because he thrives on competition. In the hour-plus interview with Ryan Clark above, he readily states that he wants to play in games and lobbies for the star defensive back position. He enjoys being in the spotlight and being around football.

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Keep your friends nearby and your foes even closer.

Do you agree with Jalen Ramsey’s top five (or six?) wide receivers in the NFL? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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