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Byron Buxton Leaves the Game After Sustaining a Knee Injury!

Byron Buxton has a long list of injuries under his belt, and it appears that he may have sustained another one on Friday.

As Buxton slipped into second base, it was clear that something was awry. The Twins centerfielder had hit a pop fly double to left field that landed between two Red Sox players, but it was clear that something was wrong.

He appeared to be putting his weight on his folded left leg, and he appeared to be going feet-first when he fell. Buxton, on the other hand, seemed to be aware that something was awry when he crossed the base.

He pounded the ground with his palm before jumping a couple of times and walking away on his own. He was alone. The Twins later confirmed that he was out with right knee pain, but they did not provide a date for when he will return.Byron Buxton Leaves the Game After Sustaining a Knee Injury!

Buxton has dealt with a slew of injuries over the last few seasons, including a fractured left hand caused by a hit-by-pitch, a right hip strain sustained while running the bases, left shoulder issues caused by a collision with the outfield wall in Miami, and a variety of groin, thumb, big toe, migraine, and wrist issues.

During the offseason, the Twins and Buxton agreed to a seven-year, $100 million contract agreement. Through the first three games of the season, the centerfielder was 6-for-24 (.250) with three home runs, three doubles, and a stolen base before being injured on Friday.


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