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Charles Woodson Named NFL’s Best RB!

Charles Woodson has been named the best running back in the history of the NFL.

Throughout his Hall of Fame NFL career, Charles Woodson faced a slew of excellent running backs, several of whom went on to become Hall of Famers.

However, there is one player who he has never had the opportunity to face and who Woodson considers to be the best to ever play the position.

On Friday night, the Pro Football Hall of Fame sent out a fill-in-the-blank tweet in which it asked followers to name the greatest running back of all time they could think of.

What was Woodson’s response? Barry Sanders!

Sanders and Woodson did play together in the NFL for one season, as Woodson’s rookie season in 1998 coincided with Sanders’ final season before a stunning early retirement from the league.

Charles Woodson

In the regular season, though, the two never faced off against each other.

Despite this, they were both stars in Michigan at the same time, as Woodson’s collegiate years at the University of Michigan (1994-97) overlapped with the best four seasons of Sanders’ professional football career with the Detroit Lions.

Really, though, anyone who has ever watched Sanders play, whether on television or in person, can clearly recognise his tremendous amount of talent.


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If Barry isn’t the best running back of all time, he’s certainly in the race for the title.

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