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Report: Jarvis Landry Will Choose Between Two Teams!

Jarvis Landry, a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, was released earlier this offseason.

The five-time Pro Bowl receiver has played for the Browns in each of the last four seasons.

As a free agent, the 29-year-old may now sign with whichever team he wants.

Landry, on the other hand, appears to have narrowed his options to just two teams.

The Last Two

This offseason, a player of Landry’s talent had a lot of options. Since joining the NFL in 2014, he has proven to be a reliable wide receiver.

Although the LSU product met with the Atlanta Falcons earlier this offseason, he has ruled them out as a final destination.

Landry is torn between the Cleveland Browns and the New Orleans Saints.

Jarvis Landry

“Landry will most likely choose between the Saints and the Cleveland #Browns,” Rapsheet said just now. According to him, the decision would most likely be made after the draught, although it might be made right before.

Landry’s desire to return to Cleveland seemed strange at first glance.

Cleveland recently released him, and he is coming off his worst season to date.

The Browns, on the other hand, have a new quarterback in Deshaun Watson, who might entice Landry back to Cleveland.

However, because Landry is from Louisiana, the Saints are another possibility. An opportunity to represent your home state is something that many players are interested in.

Having said that, Landry’s decision could be a legitimate 50/50 bet.

A Trip Back to Cleveland

Landry would be a valuable addition to the Browns’ offence this season. They acquired Pro Bowl receiver Amari Cooper from the Dallas Cowboys earlier this offseason.

Although this is a good signing, the Browns lack depth behind Cooper. Landry, on the other hand, would be a good fit beside Cooper in 2022.

Throughout the duration of his career, he has proven to be a valuable asset. Browns fans, on the other hand, are well aware of Landry’s importance to the team.

Many Cleveland supporters would warmly welcome Landry’s return. He’s probably enthralled by the prospect of playing alongside Watson in Cleveland.

Landry’s return to Cleveland appears to be the best match for him.

Is he interested in joining the Saints?

Landry is from Louisiana, thus the Saints appear to be a perfect landing site for him. This club, on the other hand, isn’t exactly set up to benefit a player like Landry.

Because the Saints are a run-heavy team, Landry and the rest of the receivers will see fewer targets. In addition, star wideout Michael Thomas will be the main centre of the receiving game in the slot.

On the Saints, Landry will be forced to play second fiddle to Thomas. It’s also worth remembering that the Saints’ quarterback situation isn’t ideal.

They have Jameis Winston, who is coming back from an ACL injury, and Andy Dalton, who is a seasoned quarterback.


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When Drew Brees was still slinging it, a move to New Orleans would have made more sense.

Landry could be looking for a change of scenery and is unconcerned about how he will fit into the club.

In any case, it appears that the Pro Bowl receiver will make his decision soon.

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