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Von Miller, The NFL star, Is Reportedly Being Sued!

Outside linebacker Von Miller of the Buffalo Bills might face legal issues this offseason.

According to TMZ Sports, the two-time Super Bowl winner is being sued for allegedly disseminating a sexually graphic image of a lady with whom he was previously associated.

Miller and this lady shot intimate and private images with the agreement that they would never be disclosed, according to court records acquired by TMZ.

In May 2020, Miller reportedly sent a picture of herself to “two well-known celebrities.” Miller is being sued by a lady who alleges he did it out of fury and envy.

According to the complaint, Miller added additional unpleasant words with this picture, including “This the b—- you want?” and “This the b—- you want?” “Dawg, you can have her.”Von Miller, an Nfl Player, Is Reportedly Being Sued!

The woman’s lawyer feels that this claimed incident might serve as a cautionary tale for those who date celebrities.

The complaint states, “This case is a cautionary story for young women who date prominent athletes like Miller and believe that rules do not apply because of fame, money, and power.”

“However, professional players are not above the law, and Miler’s vengeful, manipulative, and illegal conduct should not be disregarded.”

The Bills signed Miller, 33, to a six-year, $120 million contract this summer.


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It’s unclear if Miller’s availability for training camp later this year will be affected by the case.

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