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10 Home Renovations That Will Depreciate Your Property!

Your house isn’t only a source of pride or a place to unwind after a long day; it’s also an investment in the future of your family.

While it’s understandable to desire to renovate your property to increase its resale value, some modifications will cost you money in the long term.

Just because you think something is better than it was before doesn’t imply a potential buyer would agree. Find out which renovations to stay away from.

Luxurious Light Fixtures

One common home repair error, according to Alon Barzilay, founder of real estate development firm Urban Conversions, is falling in love with unique or expensive light fixtures.

“When you go to a lighting store, whether it’s for ceiling-mounted lights in a dining room or a hanging pendant, there’s a psychological phenomenon that occurs… you’re going to pick something interesting and new instead of picking a new addition that suddenly suits the broader image,” Barzilay said.

Furthermore, the passage of time is detrimental to homeowners. “Whatever is fashionable today will appear dated ten years from now when you’re ready to sell,” he warned. “It’s best to keep things simple. Lighting, fortunately, can be simply replaced at a reasonable cost.”

There’s Way Too Much Wallpaper

Wallpaper, with its patterns and , can be a difficult design choice for your house. It’s also famously difficult to get rid of.

Home Renovations

Wallpaper removal may be viewed as a possible headache by homebuyers, and it may be the deciding factor for those who desire a more move-in-ready property.

When it comes to staging your property for sale, fresh paint and neutral colors are always a good idea. If you have wallpaper, consider removing it and repainting the walls before any showings or open houses so that your potential buyers aren’t distracted by your wallpaper blunders.

Walls and ceilings with texture

The texture on walls and ceilings, like wallpaper, is tough to remove. Homebuyers may reduce their offer simply because they are aware of a lengthy project ahead of them. Instead of opting for a fancy textured painting technique, try experimenting with textured wall décor.

Exotic Tiling

Any overly personalized makeover can depreciate a home’s value, particularly tiling, which takes more time and money to replace, according to Bob Gordon, a realtor, and blogger at Boulder Real Estate News.

“Many buyers prefer to renovate their homes’ floors,” he said. “If you get that individual who likes the 1950s diner appearance and installs black-and-white tile, adding tile or wood can increase the value of your home.

This is the peak of cool in their eyes. However, most homebuyers would consider it as a distraction and will need to pull it out if they want to increase the resale value.”Home Renovations

Instead of making tiling mistakes, he suggests going with a classic white tile floor and buying a rug that matches the style you want. Consider doing this home makeover yourself if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a professional to replace the flooring.

There’s Too Much Carpeting

Home remodeling specialist Alex Biyevetskiy told that new hardwood flooring can improve the sale price of a home by up to 2.5 percent. Carpet, in comparison to hardwood and laminate floors, can show signs of wear and tear fast.

Furthermore, colors and textures are highly subjective, and any too personal additions can detract from a home’s value.

Paint Colors that are Bright and Bold

Bright and aggressive paint colors are likely to turn off any possible buyer with limited vision. Repainting a room before placing your house on the market is, fortunately, a simple, albeit necessary, fix. Choose neutral colors to provide purchasers a blank canvas on which to imagine the home in their style, according to HGTV.

A Kitchen with Extremely High-End Features

The kitchen is frequently regarded as the heart of a home, and many homeowners save up for it. However, the resale value of a significant, high-end kitchen remodel is less than what you’ll pay for it.

According to the website Remodeling, the national average for a big kitchen makeover in 2020 was $68,490, but the resale value was only $40,127.

Focus on which components of the kitchen are the most outdated or worn to prevent kitchen renovation mistakes that won’t provide you a return on investment.Home Renovations

And, as tempting as it may be, go for mid-range appliances instead of the more expensive high-end options.

A High-End Bathroom

A new bathroom may surely increase the value of a home, but it’s easy to go carried away and overdo the idea of luxury. Bathroom remodels blunders such as over-personalized finishes and over-the-top whirlpool tubs that are difficult to clean and difficult for certain people to climb into could turn off potential purchasers. Consider a walk-in shower instead, which takes up less room on the floor.

Converting Your Home Into An Office

More professionals can work from home thanks to advances in technology, and some may consider setting up a specialized home office area to do so.

This could be an expensive mistake if the new workplace was once a bedroom.


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According to HomeAdvisor, in addition to removing bedroom furniture, you’ll probably need to add wall outlets and phone jacks (up to $425) and install new hardware, which may put the total cost up to $3,000.

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