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Here Are 21 Money-Saving Life Hacks!

Savvy shoppers are experts at clipping coupons and shopping on a budget, those aren’t the only ways to save money.

You’re practically leaving free money on the table if you don’t use all of the life hacks accessible to you.

You may save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year with little effort and innovation.

You can also find ways to generate more money without working more if you take care of a few tiny chores on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off. Take these measures to reclaim control of your finances.

1. Get Cash Back by Scanning Grocery Receipts

Using smartphone apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51, which give you cashback on grocery store purchases, you may save money on groceries.

After you’ve finished shopping, all you have to do is scan your receipts. For just a few minutes of your time, you might easily earn $5 or more per week.

2. Costco is a great place to get prescription drugs. If you don’t have a membership,

Prescription medications are cheap at membership warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco, and you don’t have to be a member to buy them.

So, if you don’t want to pay $60 or more a year to join Costco, take advantage of its inexpensive costs on doctor-prescribed medications.

3. Use a balance transfer to get a lower interest rate

You don’t have to suffer any longer if you’ve accumulated high-interest credit card debt. A balance transfer to a low-interest card is an easy method to decrease expenditures and potentially save a lot of money.

4. Extend the Life of Your Printer’s Ink

If your printer runs out of black ink or toner, change the text color to dark blue and print a few more times before buying a replacement. Additionally, thinner fonts such as Arial and Courier New should be used instead of big, ink-sucking typefaces.

5. Get rid of your low-yield savings account

You’re probably getting a poor interest return on your initial savings to account if you’re still using it. Some high-yield savings accounts pay rates as high as 0.50 percent annual percentage yield (APY).

Here Are 21 Money-Saving Life Hacks!

If you deposit $25,000 and leave it there for a year at that APY, you’ll earn around $125 more for doing nothing. If you don’t open a high-interest savings account, you’re effectively saying “no thanks” to free money — and why would you want to do that?

6. Use Discount Gift Cards to Shop

Are you looking for low-cost or even free gift cards? Gift card exchange websites sell discounted gift cards for all of your favorite stores — for a fraction of their face value. Stock up and use them to make future purchases instead of cash.

7. Have Cash on You

According to studies, paying with cash rather than a credit card results in lower spending. Take it a step further and only carry large amounts that are difficult to break, such as $50s or $100s, to avoid impulse purchases.

8. Do not purchase rental car insurance.

Many private auto insurance policies and major credit cards cover rental cars, especially when they are rented for personal use rather than a business.

Check the policies to be sure, but there’s a strong chance you can save money on your automobile rental by foregoing the company’s pricey insurance coverage.

9. Create a Homemade Cleaner

By loosely filling a heat-resistant glass container with justify over citrus peels and adding equal parts boiling water and white vinegar, you may prepare a cheap all-purpose household cleaner. Allow a week for the mixture to sit before straining it into spray bottles.

10. Use a Clothesline to Save Money

Dry your clothes on an old-fashioned clothesline to transport yourself back in time. According to The Simple Dollar, every hour you spend hanging up your laundry saves you roughly $10, plus you’ll save money on dryer sheets and your clothing will last much longer. Wait until Labor Day to obtain the greatest deals if you need a new washer.Here Are 21 Money-Saving Life Hacks!

11. Choose the Cheaper Swiffer

Is your Swiffer WetJet completely dry? Rather than buying another Swiffer-branded bottle, remove the cap from the fluid canister and fill it with a less expensive, concentrated cleaner mixed with water.

You can also save money by utilizing dryer sheets for your Sweeper instead of Swiffer sheets, whether new or secondhand.

12. Look for other ways to pay for large events.

When major life events arise, such as a wedding, a move, or a memorable vacation, it might be difficult to come up with the finances to pay for them. And when you’re short on cash, it can be all too tempting to use one of your credit cards.

Instead, try getting a new credit card with a 0% introductory APR so you can pay off the balance without paying interest over time.

13. Get a Free Additional Potato

Always weigh the bags before picking the one you wish to buy when buying prebagged produce, such as a 10-pound bag of potatoes, onions, or apples. The weight indicated on the bag is the legal minimum, and other bags will likely weigh more, even if they cost the same.

14. Fill your toilet with Kool-Aid

Fill your toilet tank with a package of dark-colored Kool-Aid, such as grape or strawberry, and don’t flush for an hour. After that, take a look at your toilet bowl.

If the water turns a different color, you’ve got a gradual leak that’s squandering water and money. Fortunately, these leaks are usually simple and inexpensive to repair.

15. Do not use the shopping cart

Carry your groceries in your arms instead of using a cart or shopping basket when you go into the grocery store to “pick up a few items.” You’ll be less inclined to buy goods you didn’t want to acquire and don’t genuinely need if you force yourself to hold your purchases.Here Are 21 Money-Saving Life Hacks!

16. Request Free Upgrades Rather Than Booking Them in Advance

Use this trick to get a free upgrade on your vacation: When you arrive, reserve a regular rental vehicle or hotel room and politely request a free upgrade. It’s usually a simple score if one is available.

17. Get a Closer and Less Expensive Shave

When your multitrack disposable razor becomes dull, try rubbing it on your thigh a dozen times while wearing blue jeans. The blades will be realigned and sharpened, giving you more shaves for your money.

18. Avoid Using Shaving Cream

Instead of spending money on shaving cream, lather yourself with a bar of bath soap. Invest in an old-fashioned bristle brush for the cleanest and cheapest shave possible, without the need for cream.

19. Put a Faucet Filter in Place

Install a faucet water filtering system for a few dollars and savor the benefits all year. These simple filters catch particles and minimize chlorine and other impurities, resulting in cleaner water. Cutting back on plastic water bottles is also good for your wallet and the environment.


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20. Before washing your pants, zip them

Before washing your jeans or other items with metal zippers, always remember to zip them up. Those tiny metal teeth cut up and damage other costly garments in the washer and dryer like miniature chainsaws.


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21. Rainwater Harvesting

Installing a rain barrel to produce water for your lawn and garden can help you save a boatload of cash on your water costs.

Conserving water is also good for the environment, and many municipalities are now providing tax breaks and other incentives to encourage residents to limit stormwater runoff.

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