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Kevin Durant’s Social Media Attacks on Charles Barkley!

Kevin Durant’s Social Media Attacks on Charles Barkley

Inside the NBA’s Charles Barkley and the crew discussed Kevin Durant’s continuous war of words/tweets/Instagram posts.

Barkley specifically targeted Durant for singling him out during his time with the Houston Rockets.

As a counterpoint, Barkley is correct in bringing up Durant’s tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The entire squad appears to believe Durant is a fantastic player, but the pressure is different when it’s not “your” team. Even though it’s a shaky notion, they believe it.

You could easily conclude that the Golden State Warriors were actually Stephen Curry’s squad throughout Durant’s time there. Durant has yet to be the alpha dog on an NBA championship team by that criterion.

Kevin Durant

This issue, however, is so ambiguous that it doesn’t make much sense. Would Curry and the Warriors have won those two championships if Durant hadn’t played? Perhaps not.

That suggests he was crucial to the team’s success. He gets a lot of credit for that. But does that make him a “bus driver”? In this situation, perhaps not.

It appears to be a strange debate to be discussing. Durant is a fantastic basketball player. With the help of other great players, he won two titles.

That puts him in the same category as dozens of other Hall of Fame Rs. Here is Durant’s response.

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