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Getting the $500 and $850 Stimulus Checks, as well as the $150 Gas Card…

This Friday, April 29, welcome to our American Finances live blog, where we’ll be discussing the latest financial news and developments from around the country. This includes some of the available benefits programs as well as money-saving advice.

Today’s article will look at the monthly $500 checks handed out to low-income residents in Chicago and the $150 Gas Cards that are available in the city. There will also be an update on the $850 check currently being offered in Maine.

We’ll keep you informed when further information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) concerning tax refunds becomes available, including when you may receive your payment. Furthermore, an update on a prospective monthly payment as part of the Supplemental Security Income program is anticipated.

This Thursday’s live blog on the latest financial news in the United States has a lot to cover, so stay with us to find out what’s going on. The most recent updates will appear first in the list.



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