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Kyle Hamilton Is Selected by the Ravens in the NFL Draft!

The Ravens bolstered their defense even further by selecting Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton with the 14th overall choice in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Because of a glut of wide receivers and offensive tackles, Baltimore was able to land Hamilton.

The Ravens were expected to draft Florida State defensive end Jermaine Johnson at 14th overall to help with the pass rush, but Hamilton was supposedly rated higher on their board.

“What makes Hamilton a good match for the Ravens?” “He spent 20% of his snaps in the box, 27% as a deep safety, and 51% in the slot during his final season at Notre Dame,” Pro Football Focus’ Conor McQuiston noted.

“When you combine his incredible adaptability with his athletic numbers, as documented by Bruce Feldman in his annual “Freaks List,” there’s reason to believe he can handle everything a defense throws at him.

Kyle Hamilton

This isn’t even taking into account his absurd production numbers, like as his run defense stuff rate, which ranks 39th out of 348 defensive backs drafted since 2015.

“He’s more intriguing with the Ravens because he’d be paired with one of the game’s most inventive defensive minds in Mike Macdonald, who was more versatile with his single-high and two-high safety schemes at Michigan.” Hamilton would be used in a variety of ways by Macdonald, and he would fix difficulties wherever they arose.”

Hamilton has the potential to be a long-term NFL contributor.

Hamilton, who stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 220 pounds, recorded 35 tackles last season, including two for loss and three interceptions.


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He has great range and is a capable hitter. Justin Simmons of the Denver Broncos has been compared to Hamilton.

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