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In This Round 2 and 3 Mock Draft, We’ll Look at the Chicago Bears’ Picks

After the first round, the Chicago Bears will make three picks on Friday night in the second round. They hold the seventh pick in the second round, as well as picks 48 and 71 overall, so they won’t have to wait long.

It’s easy to estimate who might be present for these picks now that we know who’s off the board. For The Athletic, Dane Brugler, probably the best NFL draft analyst, created a mock draft for the second and third rounds.

We’ll examine into how those selections might be received by Bears fans.

George Pickens is the 39th pick of the Chicago Bears.

Many people have speculated about the fit leading up to the draft, and rumors that the Chicago Bears are interested in George Pickens haven’t died down after one night.

According to Dane Brugler, Pickens is likely to go right in this range, and the Bears will choose the top WR in round two. Given how frequently we’ve written about Pickens, we probably don’t need to go into much more information.

In This Round 2 and 3 Mock Draft, We'll Look at the Chicago Bears' Picks. While there are certain worries about his character that must be investigated, the character spectrum has a wide range of wavelengths. We don’t sure if this is because he’s difficult to get along with or because he just prefers to be alone. It might potentially be something lot worse, and we all know how the NFL likes to bury things.

Even so, it’s difficult to comment from the outside without understanding exactly what the character is up to. On paper, the player and match appear to be a good match.

Chicago Bears pick (48 picks) Perrion Winfrey is a well-known television personality.

This is a pick that hasn’t been derided as much as the others, but it has been discussed. The Chicago Bears may select a three-technique receiver in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. We know this because the front office and coaching staff appear to place a high emphasis on that role.

They went out and spent a lot of money on Larry Ogunjobi, but it didn’t work out in the end. Even yet, they now have the feeling that they’ll want to replace this tonight. It will be difficult to find a counterpart for the fit in this defense if they do not go with Logan Hall, Perrion Winfrey, or DeMarvin Leal.

That implies you’ll almost certainly have to take a three-technique before round three. With that in mind, Brugler’s mockery makes perfect sense. Winfrey shares some of Ogunjobi’s characteristics on the field.

He has a tendency to misjudge gaps and exit plays, but the Bears will overlook this because the counterbalance is big plays in the backfield. That’s what Winfrey would bring to the table.

Chicago Bears (71st pick) Darian Kinnard should be chosen.

It’s back to the trenches with an offensive lineman if there’s one position that the Chicago Bears need to add on day two after choosing wideout and defensive line. Also, Darian Kinnard makes a lot of sense.

Kinnard is a strong run defender, and based on what Ryan Poles has said about the position, he wants a road grader like Kinnard. Kinnard is good at running downhill, but he isn’t very adept at backpedaling.

As a result, many pundits believe he would be better served as a guard in the NFL. Regardless of whether he is a right tackle or a right guard, he is a good fit for the Chicago Bears.


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It’s possible that he’d be better off playing guard. They’d have two massive people movers on that side if Teven Jenkins stayed at right tackle, and the team would be heavily incentivized to run that way.

Kinnard’s weakness at guard would be simplified pass protection, which would immediately turn him into a big hit and a potential starter.

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