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Is It Possible to Deduct Rent From Your Taxes?

Can You Deduct Rent?

The short answer is yes, you can deduct your rent from your taxes. If your state allows it, you can deduct rent. But just 22 states allow this deduction. What you should know A financial advisor can help you establish a tax-efficient financial strategy.

Rent Isn’t Tax Deductible

While rental payments are not deductible from federal income taxes, mortgage interest, property taxes, improvement costs, and capital gains may be.

Notably, few taxpayers claim mortgage interest or property tax deductions since they rarely exceed the standard deduction.

However, some tax provisions allow tenants to deduct housing costs, although those are based on income and poverty.

Rental Office Deduction

This is the closest the federal tax code gets to a residential rent deduction.

As a business owner, contractor or other self-employed person, you can deduct a portion of your home as a business cost.


This deduction is limited to the space used solely for business. If you have a specialized office, you can deduct its square footage. However, as the kitchen table is a multipurpose place, you cannot claim any deductions.

The deduction is available in two forms. The first is to calculate the space’s true value based on its actual costs. The IRS also provides a standard formula.

Remote workers can’t claim. Only self-employed people can use it.

Rent Can Be Deducted From State Taxes
Can You Deduct Rent From Your Taxes?

Renters in a few states can deduct portion of their rent on state taxes.

This deduction is usually used to avoid effective double taxation. Most landlords pay property taxes on their properties. Most, if not all, landlords include these charges in the rent. Rent rises to meet rising property taxes.

Renters indirectly pay property taxes to their local governments. As a result, several states allow rent deductions to offset the property taxes that tenants have previously paid.

Other states use this deduction to benefit the poor. That is, if you rent and have a low enough income, you can claim a deduction.

Allowable State Rent Deductions

Typically, a state will require:

You are a state citizen and taxpayer; you own the apartment and pay the rent.
In some circumstances, states force landlords to pay municipal property taxes. Then the details vary widely. Currently, 22 states offer some sort of renter’s credit. Them:

In some states, the credit is age or handicap restricted. Essentially, the state wants to help low-income taxpayers.


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Other states base it on income and rental payments. For example, states often allow tenants to deduct up to $3,000 in rent paid per year if they earn a particular amount.

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