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In Treatment Season 4 Release Date: Does Paul Appear in This Season?

The drama in the life of a psychotherapist was last shown on television in the series In Treatment more than ten years ago. The program ran on HBO for three seasons from 2008 to 2010, receiving critical praise.

Given that the concept emphasizes two individuals sitting apart and discussing their problems, it seems ideal for a remake in the present context. The first season consisted of 106 episodes and was based on the Israeli sitcom Be Tipul.

It featured Gabriel Byrne’s character, Paul Weston, conversing with patients about their concerns, followed by episodes in which he spoke with his own therapist.

Interestingly, rather than calling it a reboot, the show’s creators chose to simply create a new season to maintain the link between the earlier source material and the current version.

According to The Wrap, executive producer Jennifer Schuur remarked during a Television Critics Association panel, “We are not aiming to leave our predecessor in the dust.” “We owe them gratitude, and we adore that program in a variety of ways. We felt that there was no way to move forward without starting anew. This has to be Season 4 for us.”

In Treatment Season 4 (1)

Here’s all we know about the next season of In Treatment thus far.

When will the fourth season of In Treatment be released?

In February 2021, HBO announced that the new season of In Treatment will premiere in May on the cable channel and will also be available to stream on HBO Max.

The entire series is presently accessible on HBO Max if you’re unfamiliar with the first three seasons and would like to catch up or refresh your memory. With 43 episodes in the first season, 35 in the second, and 28 in the third, the episodes are short yet plentiful.

It looks like the new program will stick to its unconventional pattern, which saw many new episodes run each week throughout two-month seasons. Each half-hour episode focused on the various individuals’ treatment sessions. During the various seasons of the program, HBO spread out the “weekday” episodes differently, and it’s unknown how the network plans to handle this with the new series.

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If it follows the example set by the first season, it might show a new episode every weekday, or two episodes each night multiple times a week, as the second and third seasons did.

In Treatment Season 4 (2)

Who is in the fourth season of In Treatment’s cast?

For the fourth season, the cast from the first three seasons will not return. Instead, Uzo Aduba, a newcomer, has joined the cast (Orange Is the New Black). She portrays Dr. Brooke Taylor, a character described by WarnerMedia as “observant [and] compassionate” in her interactions with “a varied trio of patients.”

“This is undoubtedly one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever had in my life, hardest things I’ve ever worked on in terms of preparation,” Aduba stated during the TCA virtual press tour (via Deadline). Every scene features the actress. She does, however, say that it was “one of the most wonderful, fulfilling experiences I’ve also ever had.”

Anthony Ramos (Hamilton) will play Eladio, a home health aide for a young adult member of a wealthy family; Liza Colón-Zayas (David Makes Man) will play Rita, Brooke’s friend; John Benjamin Hickey (Jessica Jones) will play Colin, a millionaire white-collar criminal just released from prison; and Quintessa Swindell (Trinkets) will play Lall Adam, Brooke’s boyfriend is played by Joel Kinnaman (Easy Money).

Stephen Levinson, Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Schuur, Hagai Levi, Joshua Allen, and Melissa Bernstein are executive producers on the program, which is produced by HBO Entertainment.

Does Paul appear in season 4 In Treatment?

Paul is the long-time mentor and supervisor of the show’s new lead character, Dr Brooke Taylor, according to the season 4 revival. Apart from a photograph on Brooke’s desk and a picture of him that shows on her phone when he tries to call her, he is never seen on-screen during Season 4.

In Treatment Season 4 (3)

What is the plot of Season 4 of In Treatment?

Brooke Taylor, played by Aduba, promises to be a very different kind of therapist than Paul Weston, played by Byrne.

Throughout the previous three seasons of the series, he was a compassionate but flawed man who had to deal with a malpractice lawsuit and family problems. The producers wanted to honor the original while updating it with more modern issues, according to Schuur in Season 4.

Brooke’s patients, who are coping with life transitions, identity challenges, and other concerns, generate most of the drama, but she is also battling with her own demons. The therapist is struggling with “a life-altering loss,” according to the press release, and her on-again, the off-again lover has reappeared to further complicate her life.


She also experiences problems in the field as a Black woman, something Weston never had to deal with. After such a long gap, it will be intriguing to watch how the program moves on without disrupting In Treatment’s established base.

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