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Derry Girls Season 3 Release Date: When Will It Be Available on Netflix?

Season 3 of Derry Girls has come to a close in the United Kingdom, as the Channel 4 comedy bid farewell to Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle, and James. The show’s last season consists of six episodes plus a 45-minute special episode. The crew is back at Our Lady Immaculate College, coping with everything from test results to a karaoke competition in this episode.

While UK viewers may watch the series on Channel 4, many will be curious as to when it will be available on Netflix outside of the UK. While there has been no official word about the release date of Derry Girls season 3 on Netflix, we’ve looked back at prior seasons to see when it could be broadcast. For all, you need to know about viewing the sitcom, check out our guide.

When will the third season of Derry Girls be available on Netflix?

Derry Girls season 3 has yet to be confirmed by Netflix. Now that the current season has concluded in the United Kingdom, fresh episodes will most likely be released soon. On May 17, the last segment was published, followed by a bonus episode on May 18.

Derry Girls Season 3 (1)

Season 2 premiered on Netflix on August 2, 2019, and concluded on April 9, 2019, in the United Kingdom. Season 3 is set to premiere in September 2022 if the previous two seasons follow the same pattern.

After ending in the UK in February 2018, Season 1 didn’t arrive on Netflix until December 21, 2018. Let’s hope the pause isn’t too long. And, given how eagerly the new season is awaited, Netflix will almost certainly seek to close the gap.


Season 2 isn’t available on Netflix in the UK, therefore season 3 isn’t likely to be either. All4 is expected to keep Derry Girls as an exclusive.

What is the best way to watch Derry Girls online?

Seasons 1 and 2 of Derry Girls are available to view on Channel 4’s All 4 streaming service.

Season 2’s debut on Netflix has been delayed following Netflix’s statement on July 14, 2020, after it had been temporarily posted to the streaming site.

Because the second season has yet to be posted to Netflix, it is uncertain when the third and final season will be available.

Season 3 cast of Derry Girls

All of the core Derry Girls cast members are set to return for a third season.

  • Erin Quinn is played by Saoirse-Monica Jackson.
  • Orla McCool is played by Louisa Harland.
  • Clare Devlin is played by Nicola Coughlan.
  • Michelle Mallon is played by Jamie-Lee O’Donnell.
  • James Maguire is played by Dylan Llewellyn.
  • Ma/Mary is played by Tara Lynne O’Neill.
  • Aunt Sarah is played by Kathy Kiera Clarke.
  • Sister Michael is played by Siobhan McSweeney.
  • Tommy Tiernan in the role of Da/Gerry
  • Grandpa Joe is played by Ian McElhinney.
  • Uncle Colm is played by Kevin McAleer.
  • Jenny Joyce is played by Leah O’Rourke.

Ardal O’Hanlon appeared in season 2 as Mary’s cousin Eamonn.

McGee previously told that she would like to star another Irish comedic icon, Dara O Briain, in season 3.

Nicola Coughlan’s involvement had to be trimmed back in the last episodes due to commitments to filming Bridgerton during the epidemic.

“In the script of Derry Girls, we had to make concessions.” Coughlan told Belfast Live, “It was terrible to me because I wanted to be a part of it all.”

“However, concessions had to be made. And, you know, they had to reduce my part a little, which was difficult. It’s quite difficult. However, I believe that the show’s supporters will be pleased.”

Derry Girls Season 3 (2)

Will the third season of Derry Girls be the final one?

Unfortunately, indeed — Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee stated in September 2021 that the popular sitcom will conclude after three seasons.

McGee explained, “The goal was always to say goodbye after three series.” “Who knows whether Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle, and James may return in some other form in the future, but for now, this is it for us, and we’re delighted to begin filming with our fantastic cast and crew to hopefully take our dedicated fans on one final journey.”

 Tommy Tiernan, who plays Erin’s father Gerry, previously stated in March 2020 that he believes season three will be the final season of the program.

“As far as I know, this is the absolute final season,” he remarked on Jason Manford’s Absolute Radio show, according to Metro.

McGee took to Twitter at the time to inform fans that she was in the middle of writing Series 3 and didn’t know what the future contained, but “please don’t worry.”

 Since then, the producer of the Channel 4 sitcom has disclosed that she is considering making a Derry Girls spin-off film.

She revealed she’s starting to think about ideas for a Derry Girls movie on Ray D’Arcy’s RTÉ Radio 1 broadcast on July 20, 2020 (via Belfast Telegraph).

“I wasn’t sure if it would work for a long,” she explained, “but now a concept is starting to emerge in my thoughts, so after series three, I’ll think about it a little more.” “I’d want to do it, and I believe the rest of the cast would as well, so that’s the long-term goal.”

“We should have started filming it by now,” McGee said of season three, “but we clearly had to put it back.” “We’re going to wait till it’s safe because there’s a lot to figure out.”

Derry Girls Season 3 (3)

The storyline of the Derry Girls

*Contains Derry Girls season one and two spoilers*

In 1990s Northern Ireland during The Troubles, the coming-of-age sitcom follows four adolescent ladies from Derry and one tiny English lad.

The drama follows 16-year-old Erin and her quirky friends and family as they live in a world of armed police, British Army checkpoints, and ‘peace’ barriers, written by Being Human author Lisa McGee and based on her own experiences as a teenager.

The group is continually up to no good, much to Erin’s parents’ chagrin and the powerful Sister Michael’s.

The introduction of English child James to the gang and Clare’s coming out plotline were two of the most memorable episodes of the first season. With our Derry Girls season 1 episode 6 review, you can refresh your memory on the action-packed and somewhat heartbreaking series finale.

Read More:-

Meanwhile, the second season saw a possible relationship grow between Erin and James, with the latter nearly abandoning Derry forever, and finished on a positive note with a rousing address by Bill Clinton based on his real-life visit to the city in 1995.

Derry Girls Season 3 (5)

Rumors about the narrative of the third season of Derry Girls

The Belfast Telegraph earlier reported that Nicola Coughlan had spoken to writer Lisa McGee about the impending stories.

“They’re so clever, which doesn’t surprise me,” Coughlan added. She’s amazing, but it’s made me want to do it right now. However, we also want to put on the finest spectacle possible.

“We all want to make it work, come hell or high water – if they said we could go tomorrow, trust me, we’d all be there.”

McGee also told that the new episodes would take place at a more hopeful time for the group, as their community marches toward peace and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement (where the writer suggested she would like to wrap things up).

“I’m simply thinking about plots at the moment,” she remarked in April 2019. I’d want to do a political backstory. It’s a little frightening, but I’m going to have to start writing things down shortly.

“We’ll start with 1995, so clearly things were quite different for us back then. For one thing, all these splinter organizations appeared out of nowhere, which was weird, and people were still getting used to peacetime.”

“I believe they stood to lose more, and we didn’t want anything to go wrong since it was something we all wanted.” It was something that everyone dreaded dreaming about, and then it happened, making the prospect of losing it much scarier.”

McGee went on to say that in series three, one of the Derry Girls’ crew members would join “a rival gang,” and that the tale will focus on “how the others attempt to bring them back and deal with it.”

McGee speculated that the group’s Judas may be the little English fella James, which might be intriguing considering his growing infatuation with Erin.

Derry Girls Season 3 (6)

Will Erin and James reunite in Derry Girls season 3?

Erin and James ultimately kissed in season 3 of Derry Girls, before opting to prioritize their relationship, as James declared, “I’ll wait.”

Despite Erin’s cooperation in the Derry Girls’ constant mockery of James, there were clues throughout seasons one and two that she has a love for him. Erin was enraged (and maybe envious) when a Ukrainian exchange student tried to take James’ virginity in the first season, and she was overjoyed when James showed up to take her to prom after she was dumped by a local hottie in the second.

Many people were shipping Erin and James after the later Friends-like incident, wishing for them to get together. Writer Lisa McGee previously told that the couple may have a romantic future together.

“I believe there is,” she responded. “I’ve always assumed James likes her, but I believe he doesn’t realize it yet, and I’m not sure when that will happen; it may happen when they’re much older, so it might not happen in our show.” But I believe the potential is there, and it’s something I’d want to see – I’m not sure if I’ll experiment with it if we do another season.”

“I really want it to happen!” Nicola Coughlan, who portrays Clare in the show, said.

“Yeah, I absolutely want that to happen,” she previously told at the South Bank Show Awards, “however it’s so funny because we’re like siblings now, so the concept of Saoirse and Dylan now having to kiss I find amusing.” But I truly want that to happen for the characters.”

Season 3 trailer for Derry Girls

The group seems to be arrested in the teaser trailer for Derry Girls season 3, which you can watch here.

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