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Single Drunk Female Season 2 Is Going to Be Renewed on Freeform

Okay, we’re not going to give you any bad news about our current favorite program, ‘Single Drunk Female.’ That was only a quotation.

But first, let’s take a look at the renewal status of this fantastic program that has snatched everyone’s heart and is determined to retain it.

Drunk Single Samantha Fink, a 20-something drinker, is the protagonist of Female, a comedy-drama. After a major meltdown at a New York media company, she is forced to return home with her controlling mother.

Samantha then sets out on a mission to realize her true self while dealing with relics from her previous life.

The program really garnered a lot of positive feedback from critics. Let’s take a look at the status of this popular drama’s renewal.

Single Drunk Female Season 2 (1)

Is a Second Season of Single Drunk Female in the Works?

On January 20, 2022, Single Drunk Female debuted. If you’re curious about the status of a second season renewal, it appears that neither Freeform nor the show’s creators have made any announcements about it at this moment.

Why? Because the program was just released, deciding whether to renew or cancel it for another season takes time.

And one of them is definitely Single Drunk Female. That isn’t all we know, though.

When executive producer Jenni Konner was queried about the show’s future, it appears that something was mentioned in jest.


“I’m guessing 24 seasons,” Jenni said. That appears to be the case. No, we don’t have anything planned for next year. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. I’m joking, of course. We’re going to hope that we get picked up, and then we’re going to go all out.”

Jenni has responded in a roundabout way over here. Jenni mentioned that they would like to get clearance.

As a result, the renewal is completely reliant on the streaming platform. If the show is popular, the streaming site will renew it.

The Possibility of a Single Drunk Female Renewal Is Examined

You now know Jenni’s thoughts on a future season, which is that it will be totally dependent on the streaming service. And, as you may be aware, the program will be renewed for a second season if it does well.

Single Drunk Female looks to be being observed by a big number of individuals. According to Nielsen and Freeform, the premiere of Freeform’s “Single Drunk Female” series on Live+7 attracted more than 2.4 million multiplatform viewers.

 It’s the network’s highest-rated sitcom premiere since grown-ish premiered on January 3, 2018, more than four years ago.

The first episode was also the most-watched episode of a Freeform comedy-drama series on Hulu.

The play seems to be going well, and the crowd looks to be enjoying themselves. We will almost certainly hear about a renewal shortly. However, we really hope for the best.

 Narrative Speculations for Season 2 of Single Drunk Female

We realize it’s a tad early to make such a decision. Because the announcement of the renewal hasn’t made it via the entryways yet.

However, something came to light during a talk with Ally Sheedy, who plays Carol in Single Drunk Female. She opened up and talked about what she wanted to do with her character in a second season.

 There are numerous depths and untapped components, according to the actress, and Ally feels there are still a lot of stories to be told.


“I think the relationship with Sam has a lot of potentials,” she said. There are many levels to this, as well as much that has yet to be discovered. Carol has been in a 29-year relationship with this child, and I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on. Without my hubby, who am I? I don’t believe I have a true knowledge of who I am without that specific position.”

 What are your impressions of the show? Isn’t it rather amusing? Remember to add your comments in the space below.

Don’t worry about the renewal status; as soon as we get our hands on the announcement, we’ll let you know.

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