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The Last Kingdom Season 6: Will This Be It?

Historical plays have a way of capturing an audience’s attention. The Last Kingdom is the sequel to Game of Thrones. In March 2022, Netflix released the most recent season. It’s easy to understand why fans are already asking when season 6 will be released, with its immersive action sequences, the inclusion of genuine historical events, and captivating narrative.

Will The Last Kingdom get a sixth season?

The Netflix comedy, which is now in its fifth season, is regrettably coming to an end. Shortly before the season 5 debut, lead actor Alexander Dreymon released this trailer with followers on Instagram, and let’s just say there was a combination of enthusiasm and grief.

 “I don’t want it to end,” one individual expressed his displeasure. Fans might be startled to learn that the decision to stop the program after its fifth season was always going to happen. Because the program is based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories, the show’s makers anticipated it would naturally follow the plot of the books. The author was still working on the remaining three volumes of the series when the program began in 2015: War of the Wolf (2018), Sword of Kings (2019), and War Lord (2020). (2020).

So, what’s next for The Last Kingdom’s characters?

Before you smash your hands against the table, rest assured that Uhtred of Bebbanburg’s mission to unify kingdoms is far from over. Fans may look forward to a Netflix film titled Seven Kings Must Die, which will cover the final three volumes in the tale.


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Executive producer Nigel Marchant said in an interview with Radio Times, “Season 5 seems like the series’ conclusion, and the film will be considerably more self-contained. It’ll be an added bonus for fans of the TV program, but you can watch it even if you’ve never seen it before.”

(Warning: Season 5 spoilers follow.)

Season 5 appears to finish with everything settled, with Uhtred’s war for Bebbanburg behind him and him growing closer to accomplishing his father’s aim of unifying England, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The final three volumes of The Saxon Stories will be brought to life in the film, according to fans. With an irate king and an expanding family, Uhtred’s journey is far from done.

When Must Seven Kings Die comes out?

Seven Kings Must Die was shot in under two months and was completed in March 2022. The film is set to premiere on Netflix sometime between late 2022 and early 2023.

After finishing The Last Kingdom: The Return of Uhtred Alexander Dreymon, Uhtred Alexander Dreymon posted this touching farewell on social media.

 He wrote in his description, “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have spent so much time in Uhtred’s body. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart.”


“All good things must come to an end,” as the saying goes, and while we know the narrative of England’s unification will be concluded satisfactorily with the release of the film, we’ll miss escaping to the world of The Last Kingdom.

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