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Instead Than Criticizing Cops, Biden Ought to Encourage Them

President Joe Biden has created a trap for himself when it comes to police reform.

To please his party’s radical base before the midterm elections, Trump signed an executive order establishing a national register of officers who have been dismissed for misbehaviour and restricting the transfer of certain types of equipment to law enforcement agencies.

Such steps represent a sharp departure from the President’s earlier support for increased law enforcement spending and training.

As the Left’s strong anti-police push has backfired, these efforts will almost certainly be devastating for Democrats.

In front of a national television audience on Thursday night, he had the chance to make a full commitment to police enforcement officers. He was mostly concerned with firearms legislation.

Since 2021, violent crime has increased by 5 to 40 per cent in the country’s main cities, with New York seeing the most growth.

Since May of this year, the city has registered 43,244 violent crime events, up from 30,754 the previous year.

Many Democrats have backed down from calls for “defund the cops” measures in response to the recent spike in violence, indicating that even they are losing faith in their own course.

For example, New York Mayor Eric Adams, who is widely seen as the new Democratic Party’s face, believes that local law enforcement must be supported.


He requested an increase in the city’s police budget in April and agreed to hire almost 600 extra cops.

In the wake of recent violence, Adams has called on every newspaper, billboard, and radio station to emphasise the significance of supporting police and has announced plans to conduct a full-scale public relations effort to encourage all Americans to support the police.

Similarly, mainstream Democratic leaders disagree with their leftist colleagues’ anti-police sentiment.

They attribute the party’s weak turnout in the 2021 election to the far left and the anti-police funding campaign.

In a run for Congress, a former police chief criticises the “Defund Police” movement.

Clearly, rising crime rates have awakened many. However, anti-police extremists in Congress continue to push their agenda.

Despite rising crime statistics, they reacted angrily to President Obama’s State of the Union address, calling for further curbs on policing.

They now dare to attribute increased crime to the pandemic and poverty.

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According to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the only way to reduce the risk of death from gun violence is to reduce pandemic-induced poverty.

On the other side, experts contend that the pandemic has little to do with the increase in crime.

Instead, they argue that crime is heavily influenced by the Ferguson effect, which holds that when police are not present, crime increases.

After a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, which sparked widespread protests and riots, the Ferguson effect was born. Because of the police response, crime surged following the incident.

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