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On the Indictment, Jason Williams’ Attorney Made a Statement

On Friday, it was announced that an 11-count indictment charging Jason R. Williams, 47, of New Orleans, with conspiracy to defraud the United States, aiding and assisting in the preparation and presentation of false and fraudulent tax returns, and failure to file IRS Forms 8300 relating to cash received in trade or business had been returned by a federal grand jury.

For narcotics possession, a Delhi man was sentenced to 26 years in federal prison.

In response to the indictment, Councilman Jason Williams’ attorney, Billy Gibbens, issued the following statement, asserting his client’s innocence.

We are really upset that the government has decided to charge Jason Williams solely for following his tax preparer’s advice.

We further wonder why the government would take such action against a declared contender for District Attorney of Orleans Parish less than a month before the election.


Jason had been paying Henry Timothy, who pretended to be a CPA, to file his taxes for years. Jason would send his information to Mr Timothy every year at tax time, and Mr Timothy would create his taxes. There was never any indication that there was an issue.

The IRS notified Jason last year that it suspected some of his business cost deductions were improper. These deductions were clearly stated on Jason’s tax forms, and Mr Timothy made the option to claim them.

Mr Timothy initially stood by his work. He informed us that all tax choices were made by him, not Jason, that Jason’s returns were treated the same as all of his clients’, and that Jason’s taxes were in order.

Mr Timothy altered his tune after learning that he was being investigated by the IRS, and now alleges that Jason “pressured” him into taking unlawful deductions. That is a fabrication.

We also discovered that Mr Timothy was not a CPA as he claimed, and a judge issued a court order preventing Mr Timothy from representing himself as a CPA to the public in the same way that he misled Jason for years.

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On behalf of Jason Williams, we are requesting that any previous clients of Henry Timothy or B & B Accounting Services, LLC contact us at 504-680-6065 so that the truth can be revealed and Jason is not held responsible for Mr Timothy’s activities.

Jason is adamantly denying the claims and eagerly awaits his day in court.

After knowing that he was being investigated by the IRS, Mr Timothy changed his tune and now claims that Jason “pressured” him into taking illegal deductions. That is a made-up story.

We also determined that Mr Timothy was not a CPA as he claimed, and a judge issued an injunction prohibiting Mr Timothy from misrepresenting himself as a CPA to the public in the same way he misled Jason for years. Get in touch as we will show more about it.

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