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3:50 A.M: AP News Digest- Latest Update.

THE HOUSE COMMITTEE Examining THE CAPITOL RIOT — The House committee investigating the insurgency at the United States Capitol on January 6 has concluded that Donald Trump is solely to blame.

In a prime-time session, parliamentarians claimed that the siege was not an accident, but rather an “attempted coup” and a direct outcome of the lost president’s attempt to sway the 2020 election.

Farnoush, Mary Clare Jalonick, and Lisa Mascaro contributed to this piece.

With TAKEAWAYS FROM THE CAPITOL, RIOT INVESTIGATES – “Carnage,” a violent crowd, and Trump’s associates and family members admitted to lying.

Officer Caroline Edwards of the Capitol Police Department detailed to lawmakers Thursday night what she could only describe as a “war situation” that she and other officers were confronted with when demonstrators attacked them mercilessly.

THE INSURRECTION SHOW OF THE CAPITOL RIOT New footage is on the way. New evidence has been submitted. New and damaging evidence aimed at dispelling all doubt.

The following people were hired to package everything for broadcast: Formerly the president of a television news network.

The time slot: 8 p.m. on the East Coast, which used to be a prime time for the country’s most important television programming.


THE WAR BETWEEN RUSSIA AND UKRAINE As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its fourth month, officials in Kyiv are concerned that “war fatigue” could weaken the West’s willingness to assist Ukraine in rebuffing Moscow’s aggression. Yuras Karmanau and Colleen Barry

STATUS-OF-ISRAEL-SETTLER — Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank may soon experience what Palestinians have been subjected to for the past 55 years: military control. If Israel’s parliament fails to act, the settlers’ special legal status will expire at the end of the month, with far-reaching implications.

Settlement lawyers will no longer be permitted to practise law, including two members of Israel’s Supreme Court. Settlers would face military tribunals that are generally reserved for Palestinians, and they would be denied access to some government services.

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BEYOND BORRIS-JOHNSON IN ENGLAND POLITICS — At least one other foreign leader expressed relief when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived a vote of no confidence this week.

The fact that “we have not lost a very important ally,” stated Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, was “excellent news.”

It was a nice boost for a British leader who has divided his country and his party, but who has received widespread appreciation as a Ukrainian ally.

Johnson’s close victory in Monday’s Conservative Party election — which kept him in power but put him in jeopardy of more rebellions — has ramifications well beyond the United Kingdom.

Settlement lawyers, including two members of Israel’s Supreme Court, would no longer be allowed to practise law. Settlers would face military courts and be denied access to various government services, which are usually reserved for Palestinians.

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