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Every Insurrectionist, in My Opinion, Is a Traitor Creator Avatar

On January 6, 2021, I recall watching television. Our Capitol was attacked by a horde of Trump supporters.

Every window they shattered and every barricade they smashed seemed like an attack on my house.

Republicans do not control the White House. Democrats do not control the White House. Every American has a stake in the Capitol.

Our property was smashed, and the seat of our government was defiled by insurgents.

The insurgents attempted to obliterate the majority of the American people’s vote.

The insurgents despised America. Those who try to rationalise the insurgents continue to show contempt for our country.

Stop scoffing at my homeland!

Individuals who refuse to admit they lost proudly display Trump banners to this day. Those banners appear to be treason flags in my opinion.

Dishonest people continue to compare the attack on our country to the previous summer’s protests against police brutality. This is a sham.

Investigations have revealed that the same lawless individuals who had been causing violence at peaceful protests earlier in the summer were often the ones who turned up to attack the Capitol.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s acting homeland security chief admitted that white supremacist extremists were involved in this year’s urban violence in the United States, reversing the administration’s public descriptions of violent protesters’ political motivations—

Hosenball, Mark.

The insurgency of January 6th painted America in a negative light. It gave the impression that the United States of America was divided.

It’s bad enough that we have to warn some Americans against criticising our government.

Now we have to put up with deceptive lectures from those attempting to justify the attack?

I am sickened by those remarks.


Since that day, apologists for the insurgency have attempted to place blame on everyone else.

What happened to the days when men would own up to their errors and accept responsibility?

What happened to men admitting their mistakes?

What happened to the days when men prized honesty over a deception?

What happened to a country where traditional values are held in high regard?

Destruction of property and threats to elected officials are acts of terrorism against all Americans. The uprising was a massive temper tantrum that resulted in several tragic deaths.

In modern America, there is a sizable population of people who have the time on a Wednesday to go to the Capitol and commit acts of violence. We, on the other hand, must go to work.

It was a pitiful performance, and those who took part should be embarrassed.

Many issues divide the American people, but we must all agree that assaulting a police officer is never a good idea. You can’t attack government buildings, we must all agree. All of us must agree that election results must be respected.

The most recent presidential election was in 2020, and a sizable portion of our population is still attempting to reverse the results. These individuals will eventually have to mature, accept their losses, and try to reintegrate into society as productive members.

I’m sick of entitled people acting like they’re victims while committing acts of violence. “Victims” aren’t the insurrectionists. They were the ones who had taken the initiative!

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We can’t let people believe they have the right to commit acts of lawlessness and brutality. If you have a complaint, file it in court. You have the right to peacefully protest as well. You have no right to attack people or destroy their property.

Patriotic Americans, like myself, regard the January 6th uprising as treasonous. All I can hope for is that our legal system takes the risk of prosecuting everyone involved in or responsible for the assault.

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