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Trump ‘betrayed the American People’s Confidence,’ According to a Panel on January 6th

In its second public hearing on Monday, the House select committee examining the violence at the United States Capitol on January 6 said former President Donald Trump refused to recognise the outcomes of the democratic process.

In the televised hearing, the panel’s chairman, Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, said, “We had an election, Mr Trump lost, but he refused to recognise the results of the democratic process.”

Members of the committee looked into the defeated Republican president’s false claims of voting fraud, which spurred his efforts to reverse the 2020 election and prompted a mob of his followers to lay siege to the White House.

“He [Trump] lacked the numbers,” she said. He appeared in front of the judge. He still lacked the necessary data. He had been defeated. “However, he has betrayed the American people’s trust,” Thompson added. “He disregarded the people’s will.” He deceived his supporters as well as the rest of the country.”

After a 30-minute wait, the panel resumed the hearing after Bill Stepien, Trump’s former campaign manager, abruptly dropped out due to a family issue.
Is it possible that the hearings on January 6 will result in charges?

Stepien was originally summoned for public testimony because he was believed to be a significant witness.

According to Thompson, the committee was informed that Stepien’s wife was pregnant.

Instead of Stepien’s live testimony, the panel played a tape of a previously recorded interview he gave behind closed doors on what the Trump campaign told him when he lost the 2020 presidential election.

Stepien and other top advisers testified that the 2020 presidential election was too close to call on election night, but Trump declared himself the winner nevertheless.

“My belief, my recommendation was to state that the votes were still being counted, that it was too early to know, that it was too early to call the race,” Stepien said in recorded testimony.


The joyful mood at the White House on election night soured as Fox News declared Trump had lost the state of Arizona to Joe Biden, and advisers sought to advise Trump on what to do next, according to Stepien and senior adviser Jason Miller. They fought back against Rudy Giuliani’s encouragement for Trump to declare victory.

Chris Stirewalt, NewsNation’s political editor, testified before the hearing, having previously served as Fox’s political editor in the run-up to the 2020 election.

“Did President Trump have any justification to declare victory on November 4, 2020?” Thompson posed the question to Stirewalt.

“No,” replied Stirewalt.

Stirewalt explained the term “red mirage” during his testimony, describing how in-person ballots are counted first on Election Day, resulting in a Republican majority. Once mail-in ballots begin to be counted, however, the vote count shifts.

Stirewalt testified, “Normally, Election Day votes are counted first.” “You’d expect the Republican to be in the lead, but it’s not really a lead.”

It occurs every time, according to Stirewalt.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr denied Trump’s claims of voter fraud in a video played during the hearing.

Barr, who resigned, said: “He was becoming detached from reality.” “I was adamant about not being a part of it.”

B. J. Pak, the former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, testified to the committee that Giuliani’s claim of fraud and an alleged “suitcase full of ballots” was actually a “lockbox to ensure ballots were kept safe.”

During the then-failed president’s attempt to overturn the election results in 2020, Giuliani was one of Trump’s primary lawyers.

Pak said, “Mr Giuliani’s claims were simply untrue, and making such a claim was reckless.”

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After Trump put pressure on Georgia state officials to overturn Trump’s presidential loss, Pak resigned abruptly.

Trump wanted to fire Pak for being disloyal, but Pak resigned after Trump’s call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger urging him to “find” enough votes to overturn Biden’s victory became public.

Pak was Atlanta’s top federal prosecutor until January 4, 2021, a day after an audio recording of Trump calling him a “never-Trumper” was made public.

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