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In the Wake of Her Family’s Guilty Verdict, Lindsie Chrisley Blasts Her Ex-husband for Not Being Supportive

Lindsie Chrisley says her ex-husband Will Campbell was “unwilling” to help her father Todd Chrisley and stepmother Julie Chrisley after they were found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion. In fact, the Chrisley Knows Best alum claims that her ex-husband, with whom she shares 10-year-old son Jackson Campbell, refused to change their co-parenting schedule to assist her while she was in court with her family.

“These past two weeks have been the roughest, most uncertain time that I’ve ever felt in my life,” Lindsie said on the June 16 episode of her Coffees and Convos podcast.

And juggling co-parenting schedules hasn’t been easy. And Will is usually very good about switching things around if we have something coming up and I give all the details or whatever. However, I believe that a slight advantage was taken in this case.

I believe that things that have happened in the past with Will and me, such as some turbulence in my parents’ connection with Will, and vice versa, his relationship with them, or lack thereof, may have played a role.

Over the last two weeks, I believe a lot of things have come to the forefront. Will was adamant about not switching places with me, even though I needed to be in court and with my family. That was particularly difficult.”

Lindsie also said on her podcast that after her ex-husband and his family were found guilty, she received no help from them. “As you may be aware, my parents were found guilty last week, on Tuesday.

‘Hey, by the way, this is what just happened,’ I texted Will. Also, turn off the television. ‘I’d like to ask that you turn off the radio.’ This concludes the discussion. Will and I were together for 12 years, and I was quite close to his family throughout that time.


And no one, not even my ex-husband, has contacted me to express their gratitude. So, that’s where we’re at in terms of that. And, as enraged as I wanted to be, it gave me a sense of validation.

Not that I needed any more confirmation, but I did feel validated throughout the divorce process and in my current situation.”

Lindsie went on to express her displeasure with her former in-laws’ response to her family’s legal woes, criticising them for not even sending a text message of support.

“You know, it was probably the worst time, or day, of our lives, and no one, not even my ex-husband, ever reached out to offer any kind of support… I was speaking with my nanny the other day, and she said, “You know a kind person, whether you have your differences or not because we all do,” but when you see someone in a time of true need and support, that you were with someone for so long, and that person was a part of your family, in your family for 12 years, you know a kind person.”

However, you were unable to seek any kind of help or encouragement. “I’m sorry, but I’m baffled.”

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Todd, 53, and Julie, 53, were found guilty of conspiring to defraud banks and hide money from the IRS over years. Prosecutors claimed that the couple lied on loan applications and that Julie lied on credit reports when she tried to rent a house in California.

In August of this year, the couple was charged and could face up to 30 years in prison. There has yet to be set a date for sentencing.

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