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After a Power Outage, SNAP Replacement Benefits Are Available

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO — Following a power outage, food purchased with SNAP benefits can be replaced for free.

The benefit is not new, but the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reminds food assistance recipients that food that spoils during a power outage can be replaced.

The power outage must last at least four hours. Reimbursement for food loss cannot exceed monthly benefits and, once authorized, will be credited to the Ohio Direction Card.

People affected must submit a claim form to their county’s Department of Job and Family Services within 10 days of a power outage (CDJFS).


Before replenishing benefits, the CDJFS will need to verify the lengthy power loss; thus, we request families to produce proof of the extended power outage. This includes images of news articles, SMS or email notifications, or outage maps indicating that their specific location was without power for four hours or longer.

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