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More Revised 1040-series Returns Are Now Eligible for E-filing by the IRS

A superseding return is a revision of a previously filed return that was submitted earlier than the due date of that return, including extensions. It replaces the previously filed return rather than amending it.

Amended returns filed on paper, like all paper forms and returns, greatly increase the IRS’s burden and typically result in a lengthier processing time for taxpayers. Making more forms and returns e-fillable will therefore benefit both the Service and taxpayers, as the IRS emphasised in the news release.

In the statement, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig stated that the new function “will further assist persons seeking to make adjustments.” “The IRS will benefit from this discovery as it works to inventory the backlog of modified returns that are currently due. This is yet another method we’re employing to help us get back on course.”

Erin Collins, the National Taxpayer Advocate, delivered her Objectives Report to Congress on Wednesday. It focused mostly on the IRS’s backlog of processing original returns and communications, as well as other IRS accumulations.

Later on Wednesday, the IRS issued a statement in response to Collins’ story, partially criticising it. The National Taxpayer Advocate’s report’s “inventory numbers” are neither the most accurate nor the most recent figures, the IRS said in a statement, adding that it recognises the significant role she serves for taxpayers and tax administration.


The IRS reported that it is “running ahead in tax return processing compared to a year ago” and that its most recent hiring and redistribution of current workers are enabling “significant progress on the inventory.”

The IRS also reaffirmed its Tuesday assertion that it is almost finished processing all paper individual tax returns submitted in 2021. However, the IRS’s own statistics seem to indicate that the amount of paper returns it currently has in storage is still increasing.

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig said in the announcement that the new feature “will further assist persons seeking adjustments.

The National Taxpayer Advocate serves an important function for taxpayers and tax administration, but the “inventory statistics” in her report are not the most precise nor the most recent data, the IRS stated in a statement.

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Out of the 11 million unprocessed individual returns received before 2022, the IRS stated in a June 17 update on its website that as of June 10, 9.1 million paper returns were still awaiting review and processing, in addition to “new tax year 2021 returns.”

There were 2.4 million more paper returns as of April 29 than there were as of April 1 (6.7 million) and 600,000 more than the 8.5 million unprocessed paper returns reported as of June 1.

There were 2.1 million fewer amended returns (whether paper or electronic) on June 10 compared to April 20 (2.3 million unprocessed vs. 2.1 million).

According to the IRS’s release, about 3 million Forms 1040-X are submitted by taxpayers annually. They can use the “Where’s My Amended Return?” website to look up the status of e-filed amended returns, according to the Service.

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