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Alex Holder’s Explosive Documentary About the January 6 Uprising Will Air on Discovery+

The documentary series “Unprecedented” by Alex Holder, which follows the January 6 uprising and includes video of Donald Trump, his family, and his staff, has been licenced by Discovery+ for streaming.

If you want to watch what might be the biggest documentary event of the year, you probably don’t want to miss the highly anticipated three-part series, which is rumoured to be streaming this summer (no date has been revealed yet).

You should make friends with someone willing to provide their Discovery+ password right away. Don’t claim that we failed to warn you.

The series will include “never-before-seen footage of the Trump family on the campaign trail and their reactions to the outcome of the election, the docuseries will offer intimate and unprecedented interviews with Trump, his family, and others who were in the White House,” a Discovery+ spokesperson told Variety.

This makes it a particularly intriguing acquisition that will undoubtedly interest viewers.

Holder himself said in a statement regarding the documentary (again via Variety), “With a name like Unprecedented AJH Films,” “We could never have imagined that when we started this project in September 2020, Congress would one day subpoena our work […] I came into this as a British filmmaker with no preconceived notions.


We simply wanted to learn more about the Trumps and what drove them to cling to power so tenaciously. We have obediently provided the Committee with all of the requested materials, and we are completely cooperating.”

Documentaries like “Keep Quiet,” which follows a member of Hungary’s far-right conservative Jobbik Party, were previously produced by Holder and his firm AJH Films.

As for why Holder hasn’t discussed “Unprecedented” before today, it appears that his agreement with Discovery+ forbade him from talking about the movie or releasing any of its content in public.

Still, given that everyone is now watching Discovery+ and Holder see what is actually planned for this docuseries, it may have been wise to dump the bombshell so abruptly.

Whether watching the events unfold years later and through the lens of a documentary would make them seem less like a never-ending nightmare/stress dream combination and more like a thing that truly happened is something that only time will be able to tell.

Discovery+ has obtained a streaming licence for the Alex Holder documentary series “Unprecedented,” which covers the January 6 rebellion and has footage of Donald Trump, his family, and his staff.

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I can’t deny my own unique brand of fascination with this crazy story and all of the ways it has played out since January 6. I was living in D.C. at the time of the insurrection and still do. I’m trapped by Discovery+, and they are aware of it.

Only time will tell if viewing the events unfold years later and through the lens of a documentary will make them appear less like a never-ending nightmare/stress dream combo and more like a thing that actually happened.

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