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Brewer Travelled to Ukraine to Evaluate the Humanitarian Situation There

Sen. Tom Brewer of Gordon will travel extensively into and across war-torn Ukraine on Friday to assess the situation and the needs of the local population.

This tour takes the place of a previous one where he was going to Poland where he was going to stay and help with logistical and humanitarian tasks for refugees who had left after the Russian military invaded Ukraine and started bombing its cities nonstop, reducing many of them to ruins.

Brewer will take a flight to Krakow, where he will connect with young Nebraskan Noah Philson, who is already in Poland offering humanitarian aid, and the two of them will proceed to Lviv in western Ukraine.

Then, Brewer will travel through the nation to Odessa, a deep-water port on the Black Sea, with a driver and interpreter, starting from the nation’s capital in Kyiv.

They would enter a war-torn region of the Donbas on that route, where Russian forces had all but devastated the port city of Mariupol.

Brewer’s task is to evaluate the requirements of the less fortunate and “find a method to break up the logjam” of supplies and equipment that are presently “stacked along runways in Poland.”


He claimed that Ukrainians couldn’t bring the conflict in because they were too busy fighting.

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Brewer noted that “it’s hard to determine how the fight is going a globe away,” and this will benefit him in identifying difficulties and requirements.

Brewer, a retired colonel in the U.S. Army, has experience in war zones; on his sixth combat tour, in 2011, he suffered another serious injury after engaging the Taliban in combat in Afghanistan in 2003.

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He stated that he intends to speak with Ukrainian soldiers while in Kyiv to learn more about “what they are going through and what works and what doesn’t work.”

Brewer claims he was just warned not to “communicate in real-time” while he is at Offutt Air Force Base, delaying any reports he may make until after a week or two when his position will have changed.

He claimed that “the Russians regularly monitor messages.”

According to Brewer, his strategy in Ukraine will be to “see and learn” while gathering data.

The Ukrainian people have proven to us that they genuinely want to live in freedom, he remarked. They engaged in fierce combat.

Brewer stated that he intended to stay for a few months, but that he would return to Lincoln in the event that Gov. Pete Ricketts decided to summon a special session of the Legislature in response to the anticipated US Supreme Court decision overturning its prior abortion rights verdict in Roe v Wade.

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But he’ll “probably go back” to Ukraine if he’s called back to Lincoln in a month or so.

He made the decision to enter Ukraine during the war out of a sense of duty and urgency, according to Brewer.

He claimed that he simply concluded “you gotta go do it” in the end.

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