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A South Florida Telemarketer’s $20 Million Swindle Procured Rolexes, a Mercedes From 1963, and Prison Time

Over four years, Marc Sporn of Delray Beach converted the millions he earned through Medicare fraud into ostentatious displays of wealth, ranging from the classic (1965 Porsche, 2014 Bentley, 1963 Mercedes) to the extravagant ($49,500 ladies diamond tennis bracelet, $92,000 diamond necklace).

After being sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for conspiracy and trying to commit mail fraud as well as an attempt to evade and beat income tax, Sporn will begin to spin in place beginning in January.

Sporn, age 59, owes a total of $24,045,779 in restitution, $4,212,850 of which is owed to the IRS. For the years 2000, 2002-2011, 2014, and 2015, Sporn avoided paying taxes.
The watches, automobiles, and jewels obtained via deception

To contribute to the reparation, Sporn’s scheme-purchased goods are currently being liquidated. According to court records, he has already sold the 2020 Bentley convertible for $130,889.

Included with his guilty plea is a list of Sporn’s purchases and the total amount he spent.

18-karat gold Rolex watch for men, $8,800;

▪ ladies’ diamond tennis bracelet, $49,500;

Rolex watch for men in 18-karat gold with diamonds, $26,750;

Audemans Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Alinghi timepiece for $16,000;

▪ 20-karat diamond necklace, $20,000;

▪ handmade 48-karat diamond necklace, $33,000;

▪ handmade emerald cut, 48-carat diamond necklace, $92,000;

▪ men’s Rolex Masterpiece, $45,000;

$36,850 for a Patek Philippe watch;

▪ 33.75-karat diamond tennis necklace, $40,000;

Men’s 18-karat gold Rolex Yachtsmaster watch, $25,999;


Patek Philippe Aquanut 5088 watch for men, $35,000.

$42,500 for a Patek Philippe 5950 watch for men;

▪ 1965 Porsche, $74,000;

2014 Mercedes G-Class price: $135,680;

▪ 1971 Mercedes 280SL, $65,000;

$195,000 for a 2014 Bentley Flying Spur;

1963 Mercedes 190SL purchased and restored for $102,000;

27-foot Leopard Motoryacht named “MYTouchstone,” €680,000 (approximately $804,440 based on the average exchange rate for 2021) in Monaco;

102-foot Leopard Motoryacht dubbed “MY RG 512,” €1,370,000 (approximately $1,620,711) in Luxembourg.

Sporn also spent $35,000 renovating the kitchen in his Delray Beach home, where he resided with the listed owner, Michelle Larkin.
The workings of Medicare fraud schemes

Larkin and Sporn shared a bank account that was forfeited along with an account for New World Holdings and three accounts for Walmol Holdings. She also appears on the original 2014 state registration documents for Wall and telemarketing company Medi-Biotech, with the former listed as the registered agent.

Wall was a front company for bank accounts that accepted money transfers from Medi-Biotech bank accounts.

According to Sporn’s guilty plea, he used Medi-Biotech to recruit “customers with specific health conditions” to receive compounded prescription creams from pharmacies and laboratories affiliated with Medi-Biotech.

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The insurance companies were billed, and the pharmacies and labs paid Sporn kickbacks from their profits.

These pharmacies and laboratories billed the insurance companies of their customers for these compounded prescription creams and paid Sporn kickbacks from the insurance payment profits.

According to Sporn’s guilty plea, telemarketing call centres were useful for convincing Medicare recipients to undergo unnecessary genetic tests. Sporn would then obtain a doctor’s approval for the tests.

Sporn sold information, tests, and doctor’s orders to laboratories for kickbacks, including LabSolutions, LLC, Best Care Laboratory, LLC, and Suretox Laboratory, LLC, his guilty plea states. Sporn’s companies received approximately $9,690,457 in bribes and kickbacks from LabSolutions, Best Care, and Surtax.

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