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Biden Signs Historic Gun Legislation and Claims That “Life Will Be Spared”

A bipartisan settlement appeared unthinkable before the most recent wave of mass shootings, which included the murder of 19 pupils and two instructors at a Texas elementary school. President Joe Biden signed the most comprehensive gun violence law in decades on Saturday.

The clock is ticking. In the Roosevelt Room of the White House, he declared that “lives will be spared.” The president stated, “Their message to us was, ‘Do something,'” citing the relatives of shooting victims he has met. How frequently did we hear that? Simply take action. Just take action, for the love of God. We did it today.

Biden intervened soon before departing for two summits in Europe. The House approved the legislation in its entirety on Friday after the Senate passed it on Thursday.

‘More than enough,’ we declare today,’ Biden said. It is time for us to take meaningful action now that nothing seems to be done in Washington.

The legislation will toughen background checks for the smallest gun purchasers, prevent more domestic violence offenders from obtaining firearms, and assist states in implementing red flag laws that make it simpler for law enforcement to seize weapons from persons deemed to be dangerous.

“A historic achievement,” the president referred to it.

Most of its $13 billion price tag will go toward supporting mental health initiatives and supporting schools, which have been the focus of mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, Parkland, Florida, and other places.

Although the deal reached by a bipartisan group of senators from both parties “does not do everything I want,” it does include initiatives that Biden has long advocated for that will save lives.

The president joined his wife Jill, a teacher, for the signing and remarked, “I know there’s much more work to do, and I’m never going to give up, but today is a tremendous day.”


After taking a seat to sign the legislation, Biden took a minute to contemplate before muttering, “God willing, this is going to save a lot of lives.”

He added that they will arrange a gathering for lawmakers and families touched by gun violence on July 11. In his remarks, the president mentioned families “who lost their souls to an epidemic of gun violence.

They lost a husband, a wife, and a child. Nothing will be able to satisfy the hole in their hearts. But they paved the road so that other families wouldn’t go through what they did, including the trauma, sorrow, and suffering.

After a New York statute restricting the carrying of concealed firearms was overturned by the Supreme Court on Thursday, Biden signed the legislation two days later.

The Roe v. Wade decision, which had legalised abortion in the United States for over 50 years, was reversed by the Supreme Court less than 24 hours before Saturday’s event.

“Yesterday, I spoke about the shocking Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade,” Biden remarked. “Jill and I are aware of how hard and tragic the choice is for so many Americans. So many Americans, in fact.

He pointed out that the abortion verdict leaves enforcement to the states, some of which have already moved to outlaw abortion or will do so shortly, and that this offers no clear guidelines for compliance.

The administration of Biden will “focus on how they administer it and whether or not they violate other laws, including opting to not allow people to cross state lines to seek health treatments,” according to Biden.

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Biden responded, “I think the Supreme Court has made some awful decisions,” in response to a question from reporters about whether the Supreme Court was flawed. He left without responding to any further inquiries, saying, “I have a helicopter waiting for me to take off.”

The new gun law is the most significant effort to reduce gun violence since Congress passed a long-expired assault weapons ban in 1993, even if it does not include further limitations long advocated by Democrats, such as a ban on assault-style weapons and background checks for all gun sales.

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