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Brett Tolman, a Guest on the Levin Show, Criticises the Media and Lauds the Supreme Court for “Restraining Its Activism”

In an interview with Mark Levin, Brett Tolman, the executive director of Right on Crime and a former U.S. attorney, stated that, for the first time in his lifetime, the Supreme Court seemed to have reined in’ its activism.

Tolman lauded recent Supreme Court decisions on Sunday night’s episode of ‘Life, Liberty, and Levin’ by citing the founders: “The intent of the framers was so significant in terms of what the government would allow and what it would not provide for reasons of rights.”

He went on to explain why the Supreme Court honouring its roots is so revolutionary contrasted to the institution’s rulings in previous decades: First time in my lifetime — I’m 52 years old – I see the Supreme Court toning in its activism, based on the recent rulings.

He added that this fact “should provide a great deal of solace; I’m aware that the nation is divided, but reining back activity on the Supreme Court is something we’ve always hoped would eventually occur.”

Washington, D.C.’s Supreme Court building.


Levin criticised liberal Supreme Court detractors, implying that they are criticising the institution dishonestly “On the one hand, they desire an activist court, but on the other, they do not desire an activist court.

If this court had found that abortion is unlawful under the equal protection clause, they wouldn’t have liked it; they wouldn’t have appreciated a court with such activist tendencies.”

On Sunday’s episode of “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” Tolman praised recent Supreme Court rulings by quoting the framers, saying, “The intent of the framers was so significant in terms of what the government would allow and what it would not permit for reasons of rights.”

He continued by elaborating on why the Supreme Court upholding its founding principles is so revolutionary in comparison to the institution’s decisions from earlier decades: I’m 52 years old, and for the first time in my life, I see the Supreme Court reducing its activism in light of recent decisions.

Levin criticised liberal critics of the Supreme Court, claiming that they are being dishonest in their criticism “They want an activist court on the one hand, but they do not want an activist court on the other.

They wouldn’t have liked it if this court had determined that abortion is prohibited by the equal protection provision; they wouldn’t have valued a court with such activist instincts.”

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Levin emphasised his thesis by cautioning that liberals shamelessly resort to institutional power when they are unable to win elections. “If they win elections, they wish to advance their agenda; if they lose elections, they wish for the court to advance their agenda.”
Capitol Building and Constitutional Overlay

Tolman explained, “The media has released claims such as, ‘The Supreme Court has revoked a constitutional right.’ Well, the reality is that the Constitution never established a ‘right’ to abortion, albeit they did grant a ‘right’ to acquire firearms in the United States.”

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