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CAD, Tax Assessor/Collector Servers to be Consolidated by the County; Courtroom Audio

On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, at their meeting, the Shelby County Commissioners Court gave their approval to the acquisition of a server from which the County Appraisal District and the Tax Assessor/Collector will both run.

Bobby Pigg, Shelby County Appraiser, and Deborah Riley, Shelby County Tax Assessor/Collector, gave the commissioners a plan that included several choices, but their major focus was on buying a single server that the two offices could split the cost of and use of.

Pigg clarified that the Appraisal District anticipates covering the setup costs of $7,800 in addition to half of the server’s $21,000 cost.

A motion to proceed with the purchase of a joint server for $30,900 for the Tax Assessor/office Collector and the Appraisal District was approved.

According to County Judge Allison Harbison, there have been several presentations on the potential installation of video and audio equipment.

She said a district judge had previously provided a quote that was quite expensive, but a more local company had provided a less expensive quote.

This has been requested by District Attorney Karren Price, who also gave Judge Harbison the most recent quotation.

Judge Harbison stated, “It is with Encore Music out of Nacogdoches, and both courtrooms for video and audio, the total amount is $31,017.

Judge Harbison recalled that the court had previously authorised the installation of a drop-down television in the District Attorney’s office, but that it never took place.

Judge Harbison stated, “This is just advancing it and making it happen.”


The audio will make it easier for everyone in the courtroom to hear, Judge Harbison said, and the video will be helpful for the use of the court.

She remarked that the current quote is a great deal better than the over $100,000 quote they had previously gotten from someone else.

A motion to approve the expenditure of $31,017 for the installation of video and audio equipment in the district courtrooms was approved.

The County Auditor, Clint Porterfield, described the line item transfers that the commissioners would be voting on during the meeting.

Porterfield stated, “For the Coronavirus Relief Fund, these are the actions you took last week in Commissioners’ Court to approve the laundry room at the jail and the industrial washer.” “So, through this process, we’re creating a budget.”

The commissioners’ individual gravel accounts also underwent further adjustments.

The proposal to approve the line-item transfers for FY2022 was adopted.

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Ann Blackwell, the county treasurer, spoke with the commissioners about problems with a few of the bills as they discussed the weekly expenses.

The first was for work on the Old Records Building; Hagler Construction had bid $13,800, but the final cost was $14,000.

We had a bid of $13,800, so that’s what I entered as the bid, according to Blackwell.

Blackwell claimed that the reason for the additional expense was not explained in the bill. Judge Harbison said he had a problem with the bill, but he didn’t go into further detail.

There ought to have been a justification for the price increase, according to Roscoe McSwain, Commissioner Precinct 1.

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