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IRS Is Creating New Digital Services and Collaborating With Communities

Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS): “I can tell you today, not everyone wants to interact with the government, and I can tell you today, not everyone wants to interact with the IRS either.”

By enhancing digital capabilities and forging strong community partnerships, Corbin hopes to transform the IRS customer experience.

Choice and access are the two guiding principles of the IRS’s strategic plan to enhance the customer experience.

At the FWC’s customer experience summit on Wednesday, Corbin stated, “We have to build the bridges so that people can access what they need, and in a time and manner in which they are accustomed.”

The service is building multiple pathways for customers to access pertinent information to ensure that the IRS is engaging all taxpayers. The IRS’s outreach programmes are intended to close the digital divide and involve people with different levels of technology access and experience.

Corbin said, “There are reputable community partners out there who can help promote good tax administration.”

“A good example was when the economic impact payments made during the pandemic were given out.

To disseminate information and communication, we had to forge new connections with homeless shelters and other nonprofit organisations.

However, the most important takeaway from that is that the community trusted those whom they knew. They put their faith in the director of the homeless shelter, their pastor, and their teacher.


Additionally, the organisation has increased its multilingual communications and services.

We at the IRS must develop communication tools that are accessible to those partners and simple for them to use, according to Corbin, to ensure that access is effective.

The digital tools our partners can use to facilitate the actions required by a taxpayer are part of what we need to build, according to our partners.

The IRS intends to broaden its digital services as part of its roadmap for the taxpayer experience. For individual taxpayers, taxpayer professionals, and businesses, it will create a new online account system.

These accounts will offer tax documents, communications from the IRS, and details on any account balances held by taxpayers or businesses.

The IRS also has plans to streamline customer help lines to reduce wait times and to introduce AI-powered chatbots that can respond to customer inquiries.

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Corbin anticipates a significant improvement in the experience of the taxpayer over the following few years.

Corbin stated, “Our objective, where I want us to be in four years, I want us to answer the phone.” “I want the returns to be processed promptly. More digital content should be available to anyone who needs it, in my opinion.

I want the front-page headline in four or five years to read, “The IRS is hiring in rural America, providing opportunities for Americans across the country, and promoting access in multiple languages in a way that people want it.” What we desire is that.

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