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Stimulus Check 2022: Direct Payments of $600 Will Be Made to 236,000 Families in Oregon

Beginning on Wednesday, June 22, more than 236,000 families in Oregon will begin receiving the most recent batch of $600 stimulus check payments.

All qualifying income earners should anticipate receiving the funds by Friday, July 1 either as a direct transfer into their designated bank account or via mail-order check, according to the Oregon Department of Revenue.

Those who filed their 2020 income taxes or who have resided in the state since mid-2020 are the qualified households who will get the funding.

The additional funding is a part of House Bill 4157, which was passed and offers low-income Oregon families more support since they are still struggling to recover from the pandemic’s effects after more than a year.

After obtaining significant bipartisan support, the measure was enacted in March 2022.

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Taxes Will Not Apply to Stimulus Check

The Revenue Office’s Rich Hoover verified that there would be no federal or state taxes applied to the $600 stimulus payout. The amount owed by households to the state will not be diminished, thus they will still get the entire payment.

A letter containing the specifics will be mailed to Oregon residents who will receive the direct payment. On the other hand, people who get check payments will find the details on their pay stubs. The state anticipates paying out a total of $141.8 million.

The money came from a previous stimulus payment given to workers who were considered important.


Thousands of working-class families would benefit from the stimulus check, according to Governor Kate Brown, as the cost of living continues to rise.

Women and mothers of colour, who supported their families the majority of the time during the pandemic crisis, would also be impacted.

Residents of Oregon who may have questions regarding this one-time monetary aid can send their inquiries to [email protected] or consult the Oregon.Gov FAQ Page.

The need for federal stimulus funding is still strong.

Some experts think that during the upcoming recession, the federal government will issue stimulus payments once more.

The mechanism functioned during the recessions of 2001 and 2008, according to macroeconomic policies expert Claudia Sahm.

Additionally, it gained a lot of traction during the pandemic recessions, particularly when numerous rounds of payments were made to taxpayers for the first time.

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The reason stimulus payments are special compared to other types of financial aid is because the most deserving recipients receive them right now.

Furthermore, according to Sahm, research-based data demonstrate that it benefits the economy because those who receive a financial boost spend more than half of it on immediate necessities.

Zachary Parolin, an economist, also thinks that because consumer demand, particularly for spending on food and utilities, was still strong, stimulus checks lessened the severity of the recession throughout the epidemic. Parolin anticipates that the federal government will deploy stimulus checks once more.

“Stimulus checks would definitely be a tool that the federal government contemplates employing,” he told CNBC. “If economic shocks put the economy in danger.”

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