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After a Judge Ordered Him to Turn Over Data, Roger Stone Proposes to Settle a $2 Million Tax Dispute

What is Roger Stone of Fort Lauderdale trying to conceal?

Nydia Stone, the wife of Roger Stone, has been the target of a 15-year IRS investigation for failing to pay assessed income taxes, penalties, and interest for the years 2007 through 2011 and 2018, which have grown to a staggering $1,997,398.60.

After Stone put them off for years by promising but never making a payment, the government ultimately filed a lawsuit to collect in April 2021.

Since then, Roger has been evading questions, giving imprecise responses, and refusing to provide financial records requested by the government, claiming the Justice Department already received the data from his accountant.

Naturally, the tax division of Justice subpoenaed the accountant’s records and received them. They believe Stone gave the accountant a fake account because they also want access to Stone’s records. If that’s the case, it’s a crime.

Court documents show that Stone’s attitude abruptly changed two weeks ago, three days after U.S. District Judge Rodolfo A. Ruiz II of Fort Lauderdale ordered that he and his wife turn over various documents and better answers to government interrogatories.

At that point, the “Stone Defendants” filed a settlement offer, which, if accepted, would settle all claims and concerns in this lawsuit, according to the Stones’ attorney, Brian R. Harris of Tampa.

That settlement offer’s specifics have not been made public. The Bertran Trust, a 2019 revocable trust in which Nydia is the sole grantor, trustee, and beneficiary, as well as the couple’s two children, are the other Stone defendants, as well as Drake Ventures, a Delaware business that the Stones jointly hold.

According to court records, “the government contends that the Stones utilised Drake Ventures as their alter identity while owing over a million dollars in back taxes to protect their assets” and “support a luxury lifestyle.”

The government further asserts that the Stones fraudulently transferred money to buy their home in the face of looming legal action and that the Bertran Trust currently owns it on the Stones’ behalf.

The house is located in Fort Lauderdale on NE 18th Avenue. According to Broward property records, the home was purchased on March 27, 2019, for $525,000, by Nydia Stone and Bertran Trust.

Roger Stone and an Oath Keepers bodyguard were seen leaving the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C. on the morning of January 6, 2020.

The judge has given the government until July 8 to decide whether to accept the Stones’ settlement offer. The government is being represented by Justice’s tax division trial attorney Christopher Coulson.

It’s not simple to resolve a tax dispute with the Justice Department. The subject is covered in a 113-page guidebook for the department.

Settlements must receive the Deputy Attorney General’s approval in cases involving “non-routine, sensitive, significant, or new legal concerns,” who is presently Lisa O. Monaco.

Given that Stone appears to be a target of the Justice Department’s ongoing criminal investigation into sedition and conspiracy stemming from the far-right Oath Keepers and Proud Boys attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, with which Stone has been publicly associated, this description would appear to include the Stone tax case.

Where can Stone obtain the funds needed to settle his enormous tax debt? Things do not appear positive in the absence of a significant federal discount.


Stone’s personal wealth was cited in a Money Inc. article from three years prior as $5 million in 2018.

“This was the outcome of his fruitful writing and political careers. Sadly, that is when things began to go south for this individual.

Stone has claimed that the Mueller investigation into the 2016 election interference is to blame for his fortunes taking such a nosedive and leaving him bankrupt. At that time, Stone’s net worth was only thought to be $50,000.

President Trump and Roger Stone will attend a dinner on December 27, 2020, at Trump’s West Palm Beach golf club.

Stone stated on Parler, “I thanked President Trump in person tonight for pardoning me,” along with a picture of him speaking with Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Stone was found guilty of seven felonies and given a 40-month jail term, but President Trump, an old friend of Stone’s, reduced the sentence in July 2020, just days before Stone was supposed to turn himself in. Stone’s criminal convictions were later overturned by a pardon from Trump.

Since April 2021, Drake Ventures has collected $266,000 in political consulting fees from five congressional candidates.

One, California’s Ronda Kennedy, finished third in a nonpartisan primary behind a drag queen named Maebe A. Girl. Three of Roger Stone/Drake Venture’s five far-right Republican clients have already been defeated in primaries.

The other two Stone clients are Matt Gaetz, the Republican congressman from Pensacola who is under investigation for alleged sex trafficking (a charge he has denied), and Martin Hyde, the QAnon challenger to conservative incumbent Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Sarasota.

Gaetz was recently mentioned in testimony before the House Jan. 6 Committee as being among several lawmakers who requested last-minute pardons from President Trump.

Stone is no longer a foreign agent and is not registered to lobby in Washington. In the early 2000s, his business, Ikon Public Affairs, provided services to Argentina’s intelligence chief.

However, Stone might have made money by advocating for felony pardons. The National Archives recently released papers to the Jan. 6 Committee, according to a story in The Washington Post, and those records “may include evidence” of Stone’s lobbying.

According to the report, Stone assisted in getting pardon requests on President Trump’s desk on January 6 “as thousands gathered on the Ellipse just south of the White House.

Stone’s conduct at the time was a part of a thriving market where well-connected lobbyists, attorneys, and others arranged for significant fees to request pardons for their clients.

Away from the camera but still sporting a microphone, Stone chatted on the phone with a man claiming to be Henry in his Willard (hotel) suite.

Although he emphasised that “everything would have to be legal,” the man indicated they were “ready to pay up to $100,000.”

Stone properly stated of such arrangements, “Actually, it is legal.”

“Stone claimed he was scheduled to meet with those in charge of the process that evening and stated, “If I didn’t have a really good opportunity to get this done, I wouldn’t take the money. According to the report, Stone remarked, “I’m going to have a little bit of input into the final list.

If that isn’t enough revenue, Stone’s website also sells t-shirts, books, autographed stones, and MyPillows at a discounted price from Trump ally and businessman Mike Lindell. You can even purchase a copy of Stone’s presidential pardon for $20.

You can also donate directly on the website to the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund if you only want to give Stone money.

The statement that “Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes” should be noted. All donations to the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund are regarded as gifts to Stone under the Internal Revenue Code.

If Stone needs money, his online registration on Cameo, “where you can interact with your favourite celebs,” seems to be the most telling sign. The customised video for Roger costs $100. $300 for a “meet me live” connection. Alternatively, you can simply pay $3 to message Roger.

That strategy appears to be directed at the same demographic that supported Stone’s appearance in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, last month as a part of the Reawaken America Tour with a friend and fellow ex-general and pardoned felon Michael Flynn.

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And sure, ladies and gentlemen, there is a Satanic portal above the White House, Stone said to the sold-out crowd. It is visible day and night. It is real. It is actual. And it must be closed, which will be done by prayer… It appeared following Joe Biden’s election as president and will close before he leaves.

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