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Instead of a Direct Deposit, I Received My First, Second, and Third Stimulus Checks in the Mail

There are a few things to bear in mind from the IRS’s perspective if you wish to monitor the stimulus check.

Your stimulus payment might be mailed to you rather than being directly put into your bank account for several reasons.

– If you haven’t been in touch with the IRS to arrange for a direct deposit,

– If the account’s bank information was entered improperly.

The erroneous entry of your bank information is another option.

You may have received the payment from the IRS if your agency got a direct deposit from the IRS but the payment was transferred to you urgently as a result of a mistake.

You are qualified if you have applied for an additional child tax credit.

An illustration would be if the IRS had to manually add the prior stimulus amounts to your return’s recovery rebate credit.

Stimulus Review

Why is my second stimulus being mailed rather than being deposited into my account directly?

Many folks are trying to keep track of their stimulus check because they are worried when they receive it by mail rather than direct deposit.

The issue is frequently caused by an absence of recent financial data from the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS platform’s updated banking data may be displaying an error message or other problem. Occasionally, bank accounts may be modified, combined, or closed.

If IRS is unable to direct deposit your payments into your bank account, they will have to mail you a check.

If your account hasn’t been updated correctly or for any other reason, your bank may suspend it. It frequently does not receive updates for weeks or even months.


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) routinely works around files that contain this information because it is likely that they do not have all of your most recent bank account information.

Because of this, the majority of account holders did not update their direct deposit information throughout the 2018 and 2019 tax filing seasons.

Why isn’t my third stimulus check being electronically deposited instead of being mailed?

Have your bank account details changed since you filed your previous tax return? If such were the case, and you are now looking for your stimulus check, it would be mailed to you rather than being put straight into your bank account.

Nearly 6.7 million taxpayers are waiting for their 2020 tax returns to be processed.

If you filed your taxes in 2020 or used the streamlined form and still haven’t received your refunds after failing to do so in 2018 and 2019, you might still be waiting for them.

If the IRS does not recognise your bank because you cancelled an account to avoid certain implied fees and switched to another bank with lower or no fees, or if the IRS has not updated its database with your bank information, your money will be mailed to you.

The money may still be mailed to the payees even if you have your account information on file with the IRS to prevent any mistakes that might occur during tax season and the impending pandemic.

Your account may be closely scrutinised and your checks may be mailed to you rather than put directly into your bank account if you are receiving social security payments and do not make enough money to pay taxes.

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If you’re unsure of when you’ll receive your stimulus payment, keep a watch out for checks delivered by mail because they frequently take longer to arrive than direct transfers do.

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