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Republicans Are Going to Be Disappointed, According to Froma Harrop

More people cry when their prayers are heard than when they are not, according to St. Teresa of Avila. Republicans might discover how that functions shortly.

Before Roe v. Wade, Republican lawmakers who had no predetermined opinions on abortion might publicly pray for its repeal.

They were conscious of the fact that their positions would appease opponents of abortion while causing little concern among the majority of pro-choice people.

Pro-choice supporters who were open to other facets of the Republican program might dismiss such candidates as long as Roe remained a statute protecting the right to stop a pregnancy.

A Wall Street Journal editorial puts on a brave face after the Supreme Court strikes down a widely-accepted right by declaring, “Abortion goes back to the people.” They’re right on that.

President Joe Biden agrees, as well. He declared immediately upon the decision, “Roe is on the ballot.”

Additionally, Democrats who have been grieving in advance for their anticipated defeats in the midterm elections now have renewed optimism about keeping their parliamentary majorities.

A poll conducted immediately after the judge found that 78 per cent of Republicans supported the outcome, but the GOP shouldn’t cling to that statistic.

The 22 per cent of those who still identify as Republicans and support a constitutional right to an abortion should truly cause concern.


Because this decision has already unleashed right-wing radicals who are making threats against women who travel to states where abortion is still legal, in addition to rattling the crucial suburban swing vote. The badness is just getting started.

The Roe decision reinstates same-sex marriage and even access to contraception, according to none other than Justice Clarence Thomas, a leading expert on rights restrictions.

It does not help that his wife is a well-known insurrectionist who has formed an alliance with the barbarians responsible for the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. John Roberts, the Chief Justice, has undoubtedly lost control.

The result of overturning Roe is more complicated than just returning the decision to the individual states.

The Texas statute, which gives the money in the form of bags to scum willing to pursue pregnant women they suspect of having abortions after six weeks, is already a part of civic culture.

Since most women don’t become pregnant before six weeks, a six-week restriction is practically unenforceable.

It’s interesting to note that the Mississippi statute, which places a 15-week restriction on abortions and was affirmed by the Supreme Court in the Roe case, would not have prohibited the practice. Most abortions are performed within 15 weeks.

However, Mississippi is one of many states that has approved a statute that, should Roe be overturned, will result in a true ban.

Pill-based procedures account for 54% of abortions nowadays. Louisiana is one state that is attempting to ban the mailing of abortion-related drugs from other states.

Attempt that with luck. And will they stop vehicles at the state line to check handbags?

Some opponents of abortion want women who choose to end their pregnancies to face a capital crime charge, such as murder. Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas claims to be interested in it.

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Developers of applications that track menstrual cycles worry that their users may be hacked and harassed over whether they give birth due to Americans’ inclination to violate privacy.

Both women who want to get pregnant and women who don’t utilize these programs, like Apple Health, Flo, and Clue.

Some “pro-life” campaigners want Congress to outlaw abortion on a national level. After decades of Republican assurances that removing Roe would restore the matter to the states, The Wall Street Journal predicts that “many Americans will view it as hypocritical.” They will surely attempt “that,” though.

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