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A Protest Against the Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe V. Wade Is Held by Grand Strand Action Together.

To support Grand Strand Action Together in their Rally for Reproductive Rights, hundreds of people gathered at Chapin Memorial Park on Wednesday night.

The protest was held in opposition to the Supreme Court’s ruling that gave states the authority to enact abortion-related laws by overturning Roe v. Wade.

The event, according to Lorraine Woodward, the treasurer of Grand Strand Action Together, was a swift reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

We just wanted to get together to let people know that we are obviously very upset about this choice, Woodward said.

She hoped that by causing the incident, people would take notice and realize the potential repercussions of the court’s ruling.

“My hope is that we will energize and galvanize people who perhaps are not really paying attention, especially women who are not paying attention,” she said. “This really may mean that for their future, their children’s future, their grandchildren’s future.”

Events like this one are good calls to action, according to one rally speaker, Anna Shull.

If you have any passion for this issue, please speak up, Shull said. “We need your voice on social media, in person, in your schools, and on every other public forum where we can have you. We need your donations. We need your signatures. We need you.


During the rally, a crowd of opponents of abortion gathered outside the park. Eric Johnson, a pro-life demonstrator, claimed he was there to present the opposing viewpoint.

Every life has value because, in Johnson’s opinion, “every life is made in the image of God, so every life should be protected.”

According to him, a woman shouldn’t have the choice to have an abortion.

He declared, “That baby is totally separate from the body; it has its own DNA, its own fingerprint.”

“Thus, although they say my body, my choice,’ it’s not true. Yes, that woman is a caregiver for the baby, just as my 90-year-old grandmother is, but I don’t have the right to kill her because she is a burden.

Voting would determine the debate’s next steps, according to both sides.

According to Johnson, “what we do is keep an eye on the legislature and legislators to make sure they’re doing the right thing and passing the right, appropriate bills instead of just putting a Band-Aid over it.”

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We want people to vote, to recognize the value of women’s rights, and to know that voting for candidates who will uphold those rights gives them the power to do so, said Woodward.

Shull emphasized the significance of the fact that pro-abortion activists are active in states with a Republican majority.

Shull said, “We see a lot of protests coming from California, New York, and those blue areas, and I want people to know that even in these deep red states people are fighting for bodily autonomy and just garnering that attention in the public eye.”

The crowds were being watched by Myrtle Beach police at the rally.

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