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Discover if You Are Eligible for a State Tax Refund With Stimulus Checks

In response to the inflation showing no signs of slowing down and growing concerns about a potential recession, more than a dozen states are providing tax refunds to individuals.

New Mexico has started dispersing various batches of tax refunds since May. August and this month are expected to bring more.

For instance, starting in October, up to 23 million residents of California can anticipate receiving a one-time inflation relief check.

Democratic governor Gavin Newsom dubbed the program the “middle-class tax rebate,” which will give eligible families up to $1,050.

Three rounds of stimulus checks were issued by the federal government during the pandemic.

Even though it’s unlikely to send any more, we’re tracking which states are providing tax breaks and stimulus money to their citizens below.

California Newsom and state legislators have decided to send millions of Californians checks up to $1,050 each as a way of helping them with the cost of living.

By 2023, direct deposits or debit cards will be used to distribute the payments, which will be made from California’s $97 billion budget surplus.

Seek out details on state-level child tax credits, nationwide gas rebate checks, and gas tax holidays for additional information on economic relief.

Based on their household size, tax filing status, and income, residents receive a certain amount.


The payments are not available to single taxpayers making more than $250,000 or to married couples making more than $500,000 collectively.

Residents of Colorado State who submitted their 2021 tax return by June 30 will receive a check for $750 by September, and joint filers will receive $1,500.

Refunds will be issued to filers who requested an extension and submitted their paperwork by the deadline of October 17 by January 31, 2023.

A bill authorizing $300 stimulus checks for residents of Delaware who submitted their 2020 tax returns was approved by Gov. John Carney in April.

The payments, which began to be distributed in May, are split equally between the co-filers if you filed jointly.

Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia approved a bill in March that allows taxpayers who have submitted their state returns for both 2020 and 2021 to receive rebates.

Heads of households are eligible for $375, married couples filing jointly are eligible for $500, and single taxpayers are eligible for $250.

It’s possible to get a smaller rebate if you’re a partial-year resident or you owe money in other places, like income tax or child support. The Georgia Department of Revenue website has additional information.


This year, residents who made under $100,000 in 2021 will be eligible for a $300 tax rebate, and dependents will also be eligible.

Couples who made more than $200,000 will receive $100, as will individuals who made more than $100,000.

Payments could start to be processed in late August, according to the state Department of Taxation.

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Each taxpayer and dependent will receive $75 or 12 per cent of their 2020 state income tax return, whichever is greater, as a result of a bill that Idaho Governor Brad Little signed in February.

However, you can check the status of your rebate online. Checks began to be mailed out in March.


A temporary reduction in several sales taxes is included in the estimated $1.83 billion relief package for Illinois that went into effect on July 1.

It also includes income and property tax rebates. Individuals with 2021 incomes under $200,000 will receive a $50 income tax credit, while married couples filing jointly and making under $400,000 will receive a $100 credit.

Additionally, filers are permitted to make up to three dependents and $100 for each dependent they claimed on their 2021 taxes. Up to $400 could be earned by a family of five.

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