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Up to 20 Insiders May Be Featured on Houston Life With Melanie Camp

All of these official sweepstakes rules (the “Official Rules”) are acknowledged and accepted by the entrant by submitting an entry to the Houston Life Game Show Participant sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”), which is presented to you by KPRC (“Station”).

NO BUY IS REQUIRED. VOID WHERE CONTRADICTED. By participating in the Sweepstakes, participants waive their right to object to any apparent inconsistency or error in these Official Rules or the Sweepstakes itself.

They also agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by all decisions made by the Station, which are binding and final. You risk being disqualified from the sweepstakes if you don’t follow these Official Rules or any station instructions about its particular rules.

The act of participating signifies the entrant’s complete and unqualified acceptance of these Official Rules and the Station’s decisions, which are final and binding in all matters relating to the Sweepstakes.

Eligibility The Sweepstakes is only open to legitimate U.S. citizens who are at least 18 years old, live in the station’s local viewing area and are KPRC 2 Insiders at the time of entry. You can register for free to become a KPRC 2 Insider.

Visit and follow the directions to sign up. Everywhere the relevant federal or state laws and regulations forbid or restrict participation, the sweepstakes are void.

On Monday, July 11, 2022, between the hours of 2:00pm CT and 5:00pm CT, all entrants must be available to take part in the Prize Experience (see below).

Employees of the Station, the Sponsors, and each of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, advertising and promotion companies, as well as the spouses, parents, children, siblings, and spouses of each of these individuals, and members of their immediate families, are not eligible to enter or win.

What to Do To Enter

The Sweepstakes starts on July 7, 2022, at 7:30 PM CT. The “Sweepstakes Period” is from July 8, 2022, 12:00 p.m. CT, until twenty (20) eligible, verified entries have been received by the Station, whichever comes first.

The Station will post a notice on the Station Contest page at if it receives twenty (20) entries before July 8, 2022, 12:00 pm CT.

The Sweepstakes’ official timekeeper will be the station’s time clock. To participate, you must complete the entry form (“Entry Form”), which is available at

Any email address and/or phone number listed on the entry form must belong to the participant. During the Sweepstakes Period, you may enter only once. One entry per person, email address, and phone number are permitted.

Multiple submissions from any one person, email address, or phone number will invalidate all of those additional submissions. Using scripts, macros, or other automated tools will disqualify entries.

No entries will be accepted that are incorrect, lacking, illegible, or corrupted. All entries become the Station’s property, and they won’t even get an acknowledgement or a response unless these Official Rules specifically state otherwise.

By selecting the appropriate option on the registration form, participants authorize the Sponsors to email them with information about pre-selected products or services.

Check the appropriate box on the entry form but do not check the box if you do not want to receive these materials.

Please use the unsubscribe instructions provided in the email message if you ever decide you no longer want to receive these materials in the future.


In its sole discretion, the station reserves the right to reject any submission that it determines contains false, inaccurate, or fraudulent information.

Any entry that doesn’t comply with the eligibility requirements may be disqualified by the Station.

Winners will be chosen. The winners will be the participants who submit the first twenty (20) entries received by Station during the sweepstakes period, as decided at Station’s sole discretion.

Upon verification of eligibility, compliance with these Official Rules, and receipt by Station by 5:00pm CT on July 8, 2022, of participation confirmation for the Prize Experience, the potential winners will be notified via the email and/or phone number provided on the Entry Form (“Winner Notification”).

Providing there are at least 20 verified winners, the Prize Experience will proceed as scheduled even if there are fewer.

The minimum number of verified winners needed for the Prize Experience will be decided at the station’s discretion.

On July 11, 2022, any potential sweepstakes winner(s) must execute and return any necessary forms, including an affidavit of eligibility, release of liability, publicity release, and/or prize acceptance form (“Forms”), as soon as they are notified of their win or in person at the prize ceremony (Station reserves the right to request earlier compliance for time-sensitive prizes).

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Otherwise, the prize(s) could be forfeited, and, if possible, an alternate winner could be chosen.

Along with any Forms, potential winners might also need to show a copy of a legitimate government photo ID.

If a potential winner cannot be reached, fails to correctly complete and/or submit any necessary Forms within the required time frame, or if a prize or prize notification is refused or declined, the potential winner may forfeit the prize, and another potential winner may be chosen from among the remaining eligible recipients, time permitting.


To verify any entry, Station reserves the right to get in touch with each Sweepstakes participant using the contact details provided on the Entry Form. Station will continue to own the official entry list.

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