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The State of California is Now Sending Checks to Its Residents as Part of the Stimulus Package. When It Comes to the Year 2022, Will Other States Give Money?

Although it is unlikely that the federal government will issue a fourth stimulus check, states such as California are making up for the shortfall by sending money from the stimulus package to the residents of their states.

The following is a list of some of the other states that will be giving money to their residents this year, in addition to California:

According to CBS News, residents of California will receive up to $1,050 in the form of stimulus checks to be used for “inflation relief.”

These checks will be written from the state budget of 308 billion dollars that Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law on Thursday.

The tax refunds that are included with the inflation relief checks will bring a total of $9.5 billion back to the residents of California.

As a result of a budget surplus, the state of Delaware started in May to send “relief rebate” payments of $300 to taxpayers who had filed a return in the year 2020.

These payments were distributed to the majority of Delaware residents in May, and married couples who file their taxes jointly are eligible to receive $300 each.


The legislation allowing for rebate payments of $250 for those filing as individuals, $375 for those filing as heads of household, and $500 for those filing jointly was signed into law by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. A state-level budget surplus was another source of funding for this stimulus package.

Following the achievement of a budget surplus by the state of Maine, residents of the state have recently begun receiving relief checks of up to $850 from the state government.

If a person lives in Maine and wants to receive a check, all they have to do is check this website by October 31, 2022, and file their income tax return for the year 2021 as a full-time resident of the state.

People who file their taxes using a taxpayer identification number rather than a Social Security number are eligible to receive a $500 payment if the proposal put forth by Governor Phil Murphy is approved.

In addition to this, in the fall of 2021, Governor Murphy and the state legislature passed a budget that included giving $500 checks to one million residents of New Jersey.

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At the beginning of March, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham gave her approval to a measure that would give residents a rebate of $500 if they earned more than $75,000 annually and $250 if they earned less than $75,000.

The rebates for $250 will be issued this month, while the rebate for $500 will be sent in two payments; the first payment was sent in June, and the second payment will be sent in August.

According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, approximately 236,000 low-income Oregon residents who worked during the pandemic will each receive a payment of $600. These payments will be made to residents who worked during the pandemic.

To qualify for these payments, residents must have claimed the Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) offered by the state on their personal income tax returns for the year 2020 and must have maintained a residence in Oregon during the final six months of that year.

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