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Have You Ever Wondered About The Dollar Store’s Seven Best SNAP Purchase?

Even though they accept EBT cards at the register, dollar stores take part in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

For the 21.6 million American households that have been granted SNAP benefits, it’s an additional grocery option.

Which wholesome foods can you find for your family to eat at dollar stores, though? Plenty. You can fill your fridge and stock your pantry for less by shopping at places like Dollar Tree, Dollar General Market, Family Dollar, 99 Cents Only, and Dollar. If you research the best deals online before you leave, you can save even more money.


Cereal does not need to be expensive. A recent Family Dollar advertisement advertised four boxes of different cereals for $6.

Honey Nut Cheerios were a part of the deal. Contrast that $1.50 per box with Target’s $3.79 asking price for a 10.8-ounce package.

A 12-ounce version of a comparable product is available for $1.25 at Dollar Tree if you don’t care about the name brand.

A pint of strawberries was advertised at the 99 Cents Only store for exactly that price—99 cents. And that’s a terrific cost. This summer, a pint of beer costs $3.99 at many grocery chains.


Campbell’s Kitchen Classic ready-to-heat soups are available at Dollar Tree. For $1.25, select from loaded potato and beef barley.

The larger cans of Campbell’s Chunky soups, which are also ready-to-heat, cost more, at Walmart, by about $1. Instead, contrast the ounce prices, which are slightly less than 9 cents at Dollar Tree and about 12 cents at Walmart.


Nuts are a great place to start when stocking your pantry with snacks. An 8-ounce package of Wonderful Pistachios was recently advertised for $3.50 at Family Dollar.

For the same bag at Target, it costs $4.39 as opposed to that. An eight-pack of Rice Krispies Treats would also be acceptable.


In comparison to Ralphs, a Southern California-based supermarket chain, the same Family Dollar advertisement displayed a price of two boxes for $8.


Who hasn’t passed by the prepared foods section of a grocery store and noticed and smelled the mouthwatering-looking roasted chickens? Make your own since hot, prepared foods aren’t eligible for SNAP benefits.

Whole frying chickens for $1.95 per pound, with your choice of seasoning, were recently advertised by Dollar General Market.

As a better choice than a soda, why not try bottled juice? Old Orchard Healthy Balance 64-ounce bottles of cranberry-grape juice cost $1.25 at Dollar Tree, so you won’t go overboard with spending.

Think about how much the national brand costs at Target ($2.99) or how much the CVS house brand costs ($4.99).

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Yams, Sweet

Walmart offers pounds of sweet potatoes for 98 cents. A three-pound bag costs $1.95 at Dollar General Market, which is a significant discount.

It’s worthwhile to give it a try if you’ve never done your grocery shopping there. Compared to a grocery store, it won’t have as many options for most items, but it does carry the essentials. Your SNAP benefits will also go further.

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